Friday, August 17

Meat Heaven Suminoya

Note: I slept with my glasses on last night...and I scratched myself badly on the nose with I've got a bloody red nose!! HELP ME! and I came in this morning to be greeted by an email from my dad HE IS COMING TO SYDNEY in September!! arghhhh!!!!


Backdated post to 15th June 2007

Wah finally after weeks of planning, we are finally going to Suminoya...haven't been to my yummy meat heaven for so long you know!! and I desperately need some meat meat meat!!! The only prob was I didn't starve myself like I usually do before the dinner!! BIG MISTAKE!! Next time no more eating lunch!!!

Oh anyways back to Suminoya, the very moment everyone arrived, we then started ordering...yes I want 3 of the beef tongue, 3 of the pork ribs, 3 of the beef, 3 of hte chicken, 3 fish, 2 yukke, seafood salad etc etc etc etc hey is an all you can eat place with a time limit of 1 hour to order..OBVIUSLY I GOT TO MAKE FULL USE OF IT!!!! I still think the best part of the dinner was the yukke...there is just this thing I have with raw beef with raw egg that taste so bloody good (and making me look like a barbarian!)...and the beef tongue?? haha I think it was the first time Lionel, Mary and Estella tasted beef tongue and they really love it!!! so there you go beef tongue ain't so scary!!!

After eating dinner, Jeff decided to dump us for his other mates, while the rest of us went for a drink in a nearby pictures there since it was pretty dark...Didn't hang out until too late this time since I NEED TO GO HOME AND PACK!!! yeh in less than 24 hours I would be back home in KL with my favourite cuz velverse and her sister Denise....never did I realise what lies ahead of me the next day......I was already having problems packing when I got home since mummy decided to dump 2 bags of chocalates and 2 bottle of wines for me to dump in my luggage!!! HELP!! I NEED A BAGGAGE PACKER!!!!

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