Tuesday, August 21

Msia Bunch Of Friends!!

Note: For those people whom I didn't manage to catch up with when I was back in KL and is about to pick up the phone/type a MSN message to me/drafting out angry emails/writing angry testimonials & comments on friendster.....Please read the first paragraph of this post!!!!


Firstly, for those angry few of you whom is not featured here due to me not having enuff time to meet up with you guys..SUPER SUPER SORRY!!!!!! like I only had like 6 days in total in KL and half of them also I was already busy...so couldn't really meet up with a lot of you....but atleast I did call right and talk talk??!! for those I didn't call and just found out that I was actually back in KL a few months ago.....Could you pretend you didn't read this post?! please???? And to one of you who actually decided to have a "commitment" ceremony last minute, sorry lah I couldn't make it since I already had my holidays booked....but I promise to make it up to you when you come to Sydney next month ok??? so once again sorry, minta maaf, dui bu qi, Je suis désolée, Lo siento, Het spijt me, Sono spiacente , Perdóname, gomen nasai, Mujhe maaf karo, Przepraszam & Sleechah....

Decided to put all the catch up with mates pictures in one post since I didn't manage to take a lot with them.....

CatchUp 1: this is the 2 people I know I have to catch up with when I go back to KL...because they knew months ago I was coming back and since we haven't seen each other for like 3 years, it is definately about time we see how much we changed....and just to be more sentimental, we decided to meet up at Starbucks (the one near Taylor's College)...ok ok it wasn't being sentimental, more like Joanne the tai kar che does what she does best and have Kenny and I drive all the way from KL all the way to Subang!!!! yes only Joanne would have such power over us (even our last reunion we had to drive interstate just for her!!!!)...all of us I guess didn't change much just what we are doing now....Joanne now a pharmacist while Kenny is now a doctor...ahhhhh the 2 most important people I need to keep in contact (ahem for free medicine and fake medical certificate)...It was actually quite a mixed feeling when I was at Subang...firstly I didn't even know there was a Starbucks there!!! until Joanne told me "Starbucks took over Mee Yoke"..what?!!! mee yoke?? the dirty, run down with absolutely delicious chicken rice, economy rice, egg tarts etc is now replaced with a high class chain of Starbucks!!! students nowdays are just so spoilt!!!!!!!!..Anyways it was good catching up with both of them and yes we will do it again when me come back next time ok???

CatchUp 2: No human picture here because I was hungry!!!! Met up with KC during his extended lunch break (becos of me) at T.G.I.F (Thank God Is Friday) restaurant...I was there much earlier because since it was at a shopping complex I thought I can walk around a bit and get some shopping down..little do I know how Subang Parade has seriusly gone down the drain and shops there are so boring!!!! anyways I decided on the unhealthy huge beef burger with Jack Daniel sauce while KC wanted to be healthy and opted for the salad....needless to say the waitress who bought the food to us after that set the salad in front of me and the burger in front of KC....Urghhhh WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ME GIRL WILL EAT SALAD HAR?! the burger I had was quite yummy!! the jack daniel sauce I have to admit is mmmm delicious...and goes really well with the chips!!! yummy

CatchUp 3: Ahhhh a romantic dinner with my darling Hui Yee...:D dunno since when I started calling her darling since I'm like #3 or #4 in her flowery heart....anyways atleast she planned out where we were going to have dinner.....we had dinner at Ninja Jones Izakaya at this building next to MidVally Shopping mall (to be more exact directly opposite the south entrance)....the place is qute hidden actually...the front entrance is basically just a metal door which open when the bell is pressed..and inside? OMG so freaking posh!!!!! dark but really very nice!!!! I recomend to those of you in KL who wants to go there and eat...just bring a thick wallet..:D we got the Wagyu Beef Steak with Wasabi Sauce (absolutely divine!! the fat, the tenderness and I swear to God the meat literally melts in your mouth!! ooooooo), Shallow Fried Soft Shell Crab (this was another nice one...fried just right crispy without the oil oozing out...superb), Volcano Roll (basically unagi roll with some absolutely nice creamy cheeesy sauce on top...damn nice!!!) & the Kaki no Hiro-yaki (simpler form would be oyster mornay with japanese influence...seaweed and fish eggs....this was another heavenly food...oooooh)...I just can't decide which I liked more!!! we attempted to have a picture of both of us taken together but the ninja we asked got angry that we did not want him in the picture so we ended up having to take a picture with the ninja each...ah welll....it was nice gossiping with Hui Yee face to face (we do have our gossip email and msn gossip)..but nothing beats sitting down and gossiping hor??? hehe..

CatchUp 4: I got a phone call from Vern when I was nicely sleeping in the bus coming back from the airport after bangkok...and I was like urmmm me need sleep men..I didn't sleep much the past few days..but he angrily forced me to go out with him since he "supposedly" came back to KL from another state just for me..LIAR!!!! haha anyway ok lah I'll give in lah..after all he did say he'll come pick me up in about 4 hours which gives me plenty of time to get back to cuz place and sleep....we decided to go get some food to eat since I haven't had lunch and was super hungry....mmmm chicken rice....that used to be my staple food men...haha...as usual with Vern, we had our gossiping/bitching session...haha every time I go back also like that lah...infact make that before I left for Australia we both used to do that...just like the good old days!!!! after lunch/tea/pre dinner (it was 5pm), Vern decided to have a mini hair cut before sending me back and he driving back 2 hours to Kuantan...so ok good heng tai lah...come all the way for me...:) and yes next time I come back to Msia is all for you ok??!!!!

So yes that is about all the mates I manage to catchup with...after all I didn't really spend much time in KL!!!! I was busy hiao-ing somewhere else....but I'll be back next year so anyone wants to catch up with me??? :D


Simple American said...

Oh my mouth is watering. Just what Texas needs. Another flood. kekeke

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: oh yeah men the food was so good!!! that is why you need to go to KL!!!!!