Friday, August 31

Is All Colin's Fault

Note: Short post since I'm dead bored right now talking on the phone

Seriusly I'm on the phone right now and I can still write this post because the woman on the phone is just going on and on and on and on and i'm telling you how weird can it be if you do not even know the person you are talking to?!!!! STUPID DUMB COLIN!!!!! make me get all this sort of phone call..and worse just to give face to him I'm talking to that lady so long (oh wait she is talking I'm just saying yeah, mmmm, ok, cool)

So who is this person mumbling on the phone right now to me?? and why in the world she is calling me...the story started a few years ago due to backside itchiness, i signed up for this network marketing thingy..which is seriusly not too bad...I do get some benefits and that is why I'm still with it (they do sell quite nice stuffs that I can't get anywhere else...and my mobile phone plan is with them) just I never really bothered about the peer to peer thing or trying to expand my "network" or going for their meetings...and suddenly out of the blue this lady called me yesterday and ask to get to know me better!!! and I was like huh??? you are???!! she was like saying she was a friend of X...and I was urmmm I dunno who is X (although I do know her but I pretended not to since I only saw her once and decided for my sanity to avoid any more encounter with her)...then she continued on further by saying X is a friend of Colin (oh damn it I can't say I dunno him!!! shit busted!) yesterday I told her I was busy (which I was!!!.....having my dinner) and so she called back today...damn I can't get out of it yes she is still rambling...nicole's timer so far is at a whooping 28 minutes (damn phone bill ain't cheap men!!!).....

And the worst of all part, she just asked me what I look WTF?! what else can I look like??? alien? martian?! sheesh...all asian girls look almost the same anyway!!! arghhhh and worst she asked me to go out for coffee with her!! FOR SOMEONE I'VE NEVER MET!!!!!!! luckily I know of her existence (so she ain't a cuckoo) and yes she definately just wants to meet me to persuade me to "expand my network" shit since her mumbling is so pointing that way already....and smart Nicole just told her I don't have time for another month because I'm going to Melbourne next week (which I am!!!!!!! just for 4 days though and not my supposed 4-5 weeks)...A little white lie doesn't hurt right???? come to think of NOT LIKE SHE KNOWS WHAT I LOOK LIKE!!!!! muahaha

Come to think of it, does anyone know how to divert phone calls from a particular number to another number....I'm so not picking up her calls next time men...and I would love it if the call could divert to Colin...afterall IS HIS FAULT!!!! stupid Colin!!!! supposedly share my account to share the cost..and now see I get all the crap!!!!! YOU ARE SO DEAD WHEN I SEE YOU NEXT!!!! urgh

Ps ok proper post tmr or Sunday ok?? Me know me slack...but me busy lah...talking to that dude on the phone who is still going on...Nicole's timer: 33 minutes and still counting..someone KILL ME


Simple American said...

Come on Nicole. Tell us how you really feel. :P

case_in_point said...

I've always wondered why and how people can be so inconsiderate. The ppl who call up and talk about themselves for ages never ask "am I interrupting something?".

Once, someone called during dinner, didn't ask what i was doing, and launched straight into a 'conversation'. I'm sure she could hear me chewing! haha Even when i said i'm going to dinner, she wouldn't get off. Some people are just thick.

I don't do that anymore. Listening to people without boundaries allows them to get in the habit of using you as a sounding a board, and every time they think of you they'll start wanting to whine and bitch like Pavlov's dog.

start with "I'm doing ... right now, is this important?" or "this is not a good time right now".

because you're the most important person to you, and other ppl can learn to be responsible for themselves.

sorry if this doesn't apply to you. I'm just a bitter person LOL.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: ahhh you know me so well...I was trying to refrain from swearing..:D

case_in_point: aiks looks like I just reminded you of something..nah prob was I did tell her she could call back to talk to just I don't want to talk to her!! but it gave me a chance to blog....thank god for my multi tasking talent!! woo hoo