Wednesday, August 8

My Love Child Mikey

Note: If I ever feel depressed again I will go and eat Deep Fried Mars Bar..that is like ze best ever for a depressing week

baby mikey

I think is just overworked and the not thinking straight business...but suddenly I've got a love was conceived on Friday 3rd August 2007 at the back seat of Ning's car..:D full details of it will be given upon request...(I scared small children read this blog)..Dun you think baby Mikey is so cute??!! (yummylicious more like it..) you think Mikey looks more like Lionel or me???

Oh and I should intro to you baby Mikey's godfather...Jeff...why he became godfather?? He volunteered..:D And since Estella distinctively called me to call her "mama" from previous weeks....she has been upgraded now to become baby Mikey's Grandmama!!! ahhhh

And how in the world did we came up with the name Mikey?? it happens to be the middle name of our boss...:D ahhhh we are just so stressed!!!


Yo said...

Oh what a nice family picture!!!!

Simple American said...

Need the rest of the storey. :P

Mikey has your smile.

Nicole Tan said...

yo: yeah nice family pic...going to have expansion soon!!! Mary wants to be the "favourite aunt"

simple american: rest of the story?? haha it involves back seat of car, mikey coming out of my ass :D yeah he has my smile!! hehe

Simple American said...

Out of your what!!!!????!!!!????

Maybe I know too much now. haha