Sunday, August 26

Nicole The Walking Zombie

Note: OMG I just realised blogspot has now put an additional tab in the posting section to add videos!!! wooo more having to go through youtube....but then again is not like I've got much videos to put on...but is nice to know I've got it when I want it..:D

This is going to be a short post with no pictures just to update you guys on why there is a lack of post..been pretty busy lately with social life, work life and totally no time for sleeping.....the past week have been hell for me...with my recurring nitemare which is seriusly disturbing (and shall be kept a secret) and the total lack of sleep (ever since Friday I've just had 8 hours of sleep in total!) I'm seriusly a walking zombie right now!!!! but I can't believe how many things I manage to stuff in one weekend!!! Will update about it much later on....for now going to sign off here...seriusly need sleep before the dreaded monday blues begin tmr.....arghhhhh and I have a 8.30am meeting!!! I was hoping to get an email to say it was cancelled or something...ah well Nicole should seriusly stop day dreaming dy........ZZZZzzzzzzzz


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

at least u have a life! I have no life at all - been back to the lab everyday for the past 2-3 weeks including sat & sun. But sadly it's all wasted effort since nothing come out right!

Nicole Tan said...

Kev: haha I used to be like you trust me..then I got too sick of it and decided social life is more important than lab life!!! good luck for your experiments...:D

Simple American said...

Zombies are good. As a game designer, I learned the first rule of gaming is everyone loves zombies. So I have been none to put a zombie or two thousand in my games. :P

Get some rest my friend.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I am i am...but still in lazy mode nowdays..arghh