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Tagged: My 10 most Unforgettable Moments (that I deemed suitable enuff to be blogged about)

Note: If you are velverse, doopy, simple american, may, Lionel and Jeff you might not read this post but you are tagged by me to do it!

I was tagged by Jean for this quite interesting meme...I can't believe this!!! from a person I barely know!!! arghhh!!!! (just kidding yar)...but well since she did the tag I started, I thought might as well join in the fun and start writing out my top 10 most unforgettable moments as of 11th August 2007 before my brain starts degrading and I forget all of them...(but the fact that is still in my head shows how unforgettable it is)

Now that I'm trying to scratch my brains out, I just realised most of my unforgettable moments actually occured in Malaysia...after all I got to admit the best years in my life was when I was studying at Taylor's College and IMU...and I'm sure some of you guys whom I know from there would agree with me!! haha so here goes (Order is in accordance to what comes in my head)


1) The Moment When I Almost Died: This memory always comes up when I talk to ingky. And this memory is of how after a whole night of boozing and drinking (we actually stayed overnight at someone's house because we were that pissed) and our journey home...In the car was me, ingky, vern and HZthe driver..and HZ being his usual self was speeding all the way (around 150km/h)..and suddenly a trailer just came right in front of his car!!! I still remembered how the the car literally went underneath the trailer and was so close to collision!! thank god HZ's car was low and the trailer was high....but to give you an idea on how I almost died, HZ car tyre was literally smoking and the sudden braking tyre marks was visible on the Kesas Highway for months!!! and what was I doing when this was all occuring?? I WAS COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS while ingky was like saying F*** F*** F*** all the way..I think Vern and HZ was actually quiet too..because after that moment occured we were all so quiet until we reached HZ's house...maybe it was too much alcohol the night before but reality kicked in when we went back to HZ's house when Vern just said "F***, we almost died"

taylors college

2) The best birthday ever (and no alcohol involved too!): It was my 18th birthday and I was studying at Taylor's was the same day we finished an exam and we were thinking of celebrating....I was picked up by a friend before going to another friend's house to pick her up...and while walking into her house to get her out, I was ambushed from the top, side, back and front with water guns and water balloons from my entire SAM class!!!! talk about injustice!!! that is like 1 pitiful me against like 20 something of them!! arghhh!!! yes I was wet...and they were like the sweetest bunch of classmates I ever have!!! apart from the so many Manchester United goodies I got for my birthday gift (yes I used to and IS still supporting them), we had good laughs, yummy BBQ and my never will ever forget birthday cake...which by the way no one got to try because it all got smashed in my face while I was blowing the candle out (and took me like 3 freaking shampoo washing to actually remove the cream out!)...when I got smashed with cake a huge food fight started occuring in the garden..I've never got pelleted with so many food in my life...not to mention chilli sauce in my eyes!! And if you think we just stopped there, NO WAY!!! the party ended at midnight and after my super long shower to get rid of cream, we decided to drive up to Genting Highlands for coffee at Coffee Bean (Genting Highlands by the way is like 4000m above sea level and in another state!!!...around the distance between Sydney and Blue Mountain!) yes all just for coffee which by the way the nearest Coffee Bean to us is like 10 minutes from my a few cars rushed there since Coffee Bean closed at 2am last time and reached there 10 minutes before they close...How I remember so well? because we smartly ordered ice blended coffee and was drinking it in the park nearby with shorts and shirts!!!! WE ALL FORGOT HOW GENTING HIGHLANDS IS COLD AT NIGHT!!!! we finally started making our journey home at 4am and reached home just as daylight started....the best birthday ever!!!

3) Best spur of the moment memories: I think this was with ingky too....when we suddenly decided to be nice mates and follow Vern to Ipoh to be his supporting cheerleader group for his chess tournament (KL to Ipoh is around 3 hour plus drive)...we started the journey around 5.30am and I think we needed to be in Ipoh by 7 something so Vern can 2 cars was flying all the way to Ipoh (thank god we didn't get any speeding ticket!) and yes we manage to reach there in time..pheewww...and after looking at Vern played one game, we decided that chess is just too boring and decided to dump Vern and tour around Ipoh (after all my parents are from Ipoh and Ipoh is such a nice little town!!)...and only went back to get Vern during his last game when he trashed the other opponent to win the game...yes Vern prize money was spent on buying us all dinner at Ipoh before driving back...we are a pretty expensive bunch of cheerleaders! that was seriusly how fai cai (crap) we were!!!

4) My First Going Out of The Country Without My Parents: This was after high school and when Kimberly (one of my best mate) and I decided to go for a shopping holiday in Singapore...yeah Singapore is next to Malaysia..but hey is our first time not with parents to another country which we need to show passport ok!!!!! and boy wasn't it fun!!! yeah the shopping was good but seriusly I think we just got our kick from the newly found independence..and the time when I realised the train journey from KL to Singapore is seriusly quite bad!

5) My First Ever Holiday That I Paid For: Yes this is to Japan a few years back..and I was dead proud that i got to go for a holiday without asking for my daddy and mummy for money!!! there is just this feeling to it and trust me it feels so good!!!! and Japan with Kaka was the bomb!!! I would say we definately widen our horizon scope...:D

6) My R-rated moment in Bangkok with velverse: I think the scar in my brain would take a while to go away....and I was going to wait till I do my Bangkok post to write this...but might as well write it here...When I was in Bangkok with velverse, on the way down from the Golden Mount Temple..somewhere near the waterfall..velverse and I was taking pictures...and suddenly I saw this beggar looking dude starting jerking off in front me!! FFFFFFFF!!! my god that was just a bad image!!! like that guy looked so dirty and argh the hand movements and everything!! HELP ME!!! I quickly turned away (no way I was going to continue staring) and just went to velverse and hide...and asking her to continue taking pics but dun turn back!!! dunno whether she saw or not..but that was such a horrible image!!!! arghh...and from the side of my eyes he only stopped when another few people started approaching...that was when he stopped, pulled up his sarong (some huge cloth to wrap yourself) and walked off....leaving Nicole once again grossed out and scarred!

7) My Most Gross Intoxicated Moment: This was during my farewell bash before I came to Sydney...with my most closest IMU gang...we had my farewell bash at Port Dickson at my ex's apartment..and I presume since the occasion was for me, I ended up drinking a lot..(I still remembered drinking Chivas right from the bottle...and some fools took the picture...I WANT THOSE PICTURES BACK!!! they are for burning!) anyways I was completely trashed out and had to vomit..Unfortunately I couldn't reach the toilet bowl in time and vomitted my dinner out in the bathroom me when I say never again have a heavy dinner before alcohol because my vomit was enough to fill up the entire bathroom sink..and worst part IT GOT CLOGGED!! so after sleeping the alcohol off, I ended up having to clean my own puke from the sink!! that was kinda gross...not to mention learning how to unclog a pipe full of puke is so not fun!!! but thanks to all my mates in the pic for a super unforgetable farewell!!

8) First ever Genting Highlands trip with the IMU gang moment: As you can see I'm struggling already to remember 10!!! but I'll put this up since I've got pictures of it..this was our first ever trip together up to Genting after all we did study together..and know each other for a month or so..and suddenly close enuff to go for a trip together..haha...this was one of the bestest and largest trip ever...a few lines of car going up Genting..and I still remembered I was sitting in the very slow Heng Khuen's car!! urgh..haha but it was so fun!!! we look like a cosy and happy family don't we??? Good friends for life men!

9) The Most Adventurous Holiday Ever moment: This is when I went to UK with my parents and Jon...Joyce was this time decided to go to India alone!! crazy!! anyways this was one unforgetabble UK trip because my parents decided they wanted to rough it out and not sleep in hotel for a week..we got a motor home and travelled from London all the way to Scotland and back...bypassing some of the nicest beatiful place ever!! yeah I was close to nature for this holiday, but trust me sleeping in a motor home in the middle of winter and during Christmas is not exactly fun!!!! yes we spent Christmas like that!!! but atleast I had a white Christmas before!! and this was the time when I felt totally out of civilisation because there was no TV and no computer for a whole week!!! only my precious mobile phone to keep me company!!! BLESS THEE WHO INVENTED ROAMING!!!!

10) And because I seriusly can't think of any other moments that is deemed suitable for my blog I shall leave this number for the other things stuck in my head right now....sorry guys but my little brother and sister do read this blog and I don't exactly want them knowing too much details of me dark side :)

Men that sure was a long post and lots of head scratching...and since being the "8" and curious person I shall now hand down this tag to these few people I want to get to know more in detail

1) velverse: accept it cuz either you tag me or I tag you (I much prefer the later)...take it as getting to know you better

2) doopy: ah my darling...and a person I shared so many of my good memories time for you to state yours and I cross my fingers I would be in there...

3) simple american: I think this is the first time I'm tagging you...and you tagged me once so take it as payback time..:D

4) little miss may: well you are in Sydney and I think is about time I get to know you more..don't you think so?

5) Lionel: the daddy of Mikey, I KNOW YOU GOT A LOT OF NAUGHTY STORIES!!! come share with me!!!

6) Jeff: the godfather of Mikey....take it as something to blog about..and I expect naughty stories with your LB/c-Jun!!!!

And whoever else who wants to join in!!! send me a message though once you did it so I can come and read and get to know YOU better!


may said...

wahlauehhhhh! LOLOL!! I kena tag lagi, summore quite hard wan wor... ok ok, this is homework. mind if I take my time again ar? :P

eh, so where are those intoxicated photos har? I wanna see!

Jean Chia said...

hi nicole. thanks for posting this tag. Your life seems to be surrounded by many good friends. Congrats for that!

wow, your near death experience was really close. Thank God you gusy are okay!

i love your 18th birthday bash! It was awesome!! i can imagine all the fun you had with your good friends! :) Me nd my friends had the same thing too. I meant for the birthday cake. We always ended up with no cake to eat due the playing. And we love going to Coffee Bean genting. It's freezing cold sitting outside the CB. We love to sit there and chit chat all the way. :)

Well written post! I think i am a step closer in knowing you. :) Keep blogging! :)

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha take your time take your time....can't wait to read yours!! and intoxicated pics moment? I think I will be put on a few ppl's hitlist if I ever post those up!!!

jean: thanks...i'm sure everyone has their own group of heng tais!! and my near death experience..well atleast I'm still here to blog and would continue to blog...and yeah genting is cool!! but i think is not as cold as last time but still freezing at night!! esp wehn you are in shorts!

Windy said...

Nice one, some of them are cool as well. Seems you have loads of fun in life so far... I had a car accident before but not as close as your death experience.

mudpie said...

interesting memorables stories you have .. and i am sure many more to come ya!!!!


Yo said...

OK Nicole, if you want I will share with you all my naughty stories... but in private ;-)

Simple American said...

Coolness. Will do soon as I find a memory. ;)

I want my kids to do number five soon! How about a month? kekeke

Nicole Tan said...

windy: welcome..yeah i believe in having lots of fun!! when me young old dy!

mudpie: welcome to you too..haha hope i have more fun stuffs to come to...maybe is time to think of something creative to do

yo: in private??!! sure anytime...when? today?

simple american: anytime men anytime!! can't wait to read!