Wednesday, August 29

When is Enough Actually Enough?!

Note: yes I'm in my not too happy mood right now

I don't know why but I feel this week has been a really reflective one...wait i do know why is because of these conversations I've been having with various ppl...arghhhh see now I'm having sleepless nights thinking of it!! KILL ME!

Conversation 1 (My love life): This was with a really old friend of mine who came to Australia recently and has been calling me to chat (shall remain anonymous for the time being)...and just the other day he suddenly asked me about my ex...not that I mind but he was asking me since my ex wants to get back with me why am I holding back...and I was like WTF?! that is so ancient history!!! Over! Finish! FULLSTOP!!! why bring up the past??!! Is not like I'm not happy being single (contrary to popular beliefs & my eternal crap about getting a rich hot guy was SERIUSLY JUST CRAP!) is not like I'm not tied down enuff by things around me..I don't think I can handle being attached right (unless of course I find a really nice guy who doesn't mind being neglected 80% of the time, being cursed at by me, hear all my bitching and my crap...and most importantly who does not require me to baby him!!!)

Conversation 2 (Why are there so many hamsap ppl around?!): Remember me putting up my 10 unforgetable memories?? Go to number 6...and I was saying about that gross person doing it in front of me??? a friend of mine read it and was emailing me about her hamsap experience with a colleague...and she was bitching about it in her emails, msn and calling me and asking me for advice?! haha of all the person to ask advice from..but seriusly...why are guys so pervertic at times??? what is it about touching girls??? or looking down their top to see their chest??!! or breathing down their neck??!!! or the eternal staring and looking at them? maybe they just don't get what is personal space...or maybe they get the satisfaction from it?? But seriusly I just hate it when guys just do those sort of things...yeah the girl should be flattered with the attention and stuffs but arghhhh is just damn gross lah!!! trust me I've experienced it before and all I wanted to do after that was seriusly just go into the shower scrubbed myself and cover up (and also curse every god damn thing under the sun after that)...grosss!!!!!!!!!

Conversation 3 (my future): This is one conversation I have with everyone!! what am I going to do next year??!!! seriusly speaking I really don't want to be in I love what I'm doing, but for you who knows me well I'M EASILY BORED!!!! and I think doing the same thing for 4 years has definately reach the seriusly need to try something new...broaden my something else!! BUT WHAT????!!!! arghhhhh

See!!! With all these how how you expect me to sleep properly??!!! I'm already having bad enuff nitemares!!!! HOW HOW HOW?!


Jean Chia said...

wow, i am the first one here! yay!!! :))

ok, back to your post, on note 1, about your love life: seems like u enjoyed being single and just keep this until you've meet d perfect guy. You will know he is d perfect guy when you feel like you wanted to be with him most of the time. :)

On note 2, these ppls are called pervert! and not hamsap. All guys are hamsap. It depends on their ability to control their lust & behaviour and convey the message across. Perverts can't control anything. Their facial expressions shows it ALL. I am disgusted by those looks. Feel like *slapping" them!! But what can we do? If they wanted to see and stare, let it be. We, women are atrractive creations of God. Haha! :) Seriously, we cant do anything unless they touch you, tehn you can kick and punch him lar.

on note 3, i cant say anything on this as i do not know you in person. I dont want to simple give u ideas and make you think about it for days even tho' eventually it;s not what u wanted. Sometimes, it's frustrating to be in your situation. I hope you'll get a clear Conscious about this soon!

Take care, nicole! if you can't make up your mind now, dont force yourself. Sleep well! :)

Simple American said...

Somebody needs a beer. Then can relax and go nite nite. :P

1) People that repeat history are doomed to make the same mistake. So why go back? Your friend probably thinks he is being nice, so don't be too hard on him. Unless he persists. Then he needs to go. Guys will always tend to help a buddy. We're hopeless like that.

2) Guys are perverted because we have testosterone. Once that crap hits our brain in the womb we are brain damaged. You should know that from your science studies. Why right and left brain does not connect the same way as a woman does. Me personally don't like to touch people beyone a quick hug.

Chests can be hard to ignore. It is nature. This requires active control to not follow especially IF breasts are somewhat exposed. Breathing down the neck deserves a slap in the face. No excuse to not maintain distance.

Looking. Nature muh dear. Hard not to look at a leng lui. Downloading web photos is wrong. I never take a photo from the females that I visit in the blogosphere as I think that is rude. Ask first is my policy. I know some guys snatch photos of girls they find cute. Not very gentlemanly IMHO.

3) Want my crystal ball?

jimbo said...

yeah i hate hamsap people *ahem*
that's why i wrap myself in masking tape and bin liners with another layer or solid black rubber to be safe. and still they look! GOSH!!!!

velverse said...

number 1.

If they leave you once... they will not hesitate to leave you twice. Then again... bprobably you are too sick of his SH!T and you would probably be the one leaving him this time.

He might be good... great and all. But he gave up his chances while giving you all sort of stupid excuses. So yeah... why not look at a broader view where there are more than 100 million of people around us.

number 2.

For me... if a guy want to be hamsap/pervert... do it the SMART way. Seriously, I don't think guy looking at a girl is wrong but just do it till they felt it is intimidating their private and personal space. You look from up to down... left to right... front to back... that is over.

Yes, breast is an interesting subject. But if you wanna look.. like i say before be SMART. You see.. but you don't stare. What is worst when they just tend to peek in an obvious manner. Seriously... IF you can see it... you can... IF you can't see it.. you can see NOTHING. So why trouble yourself and your eyes?

Touching... for me, I hated guys who wants to hold my hands. They claim it is just friends. But I make it obvious... only someone I love can hold my hands. And best part... some have the gutts to say, I am too snobbish. I don't really like it when guys put their hands on my waist... but then again... that depends on who and what occassion. Sigh.... why why why... why must there be so many perverts?

Nicole Tan said...

jean chia: thanks so much...haha I'm sure it would be alright soon..just needed to get it out of my system

simple american: you are right...I don't just need a beer (too little alcohol)...I need strong alcohol!!!

jimbo: haha..wah wrap until so much no wonder lah kena stared at!!! haha

velverse: haha the thing is it was me that left him!! haha...but then not like I'll ever get back together with him lah...and trust me this is a part where IMPOSIBBLE means IMPOSSIBLE! yeah some guys just don't get it..I don't mind the holding hands bit or waist bit...IF THAT IS MY BF!!!! why so many perverts?? dun ask me I'm still thinking!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

heya, I think there is an art to looking or rather appreciating gals lar.. some guys are good at it, some are simply still in the bronze age! lol... rule of thumb I think is to just have a quick look but not to stare! It's only natural to wanna look at pretty stuffs or maybe even a second look. But to stare is simply rude...

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

And oh..yah lor, 4 years of hardcore research is really a long time.. probably when I reach ur current stage I will also feel sian and not wanna continue... hmm.. maybe I will go learn cooking from a chef or something! lol... but don't think possible - gotta earn loads of money for marriage etc, so think i will just have to stay in research line. moral of the story - don't go into something unless ur sure u wanna do it for the next 10 years! lol

Nicole Tan said...

kev's walkabout: dun worry would be alright!! dun get so depressed!! once your results start coming out nicely you would be all ok!