Monday, August 6

Who says I don't pray?

Note: I was accused and scolded by my brother for not being religious enuff and not praying to God........


To all the Gods of the world

I know I have not been such a good girl
I was kinda trying (not)
And I did come to work on a Sunday just to finish up my slides for lab meeting
And I did spend time reading the horrendous boring shit journal club article (during the commercial breaks of Australian Idol)
Although maybe I shouldn't have hiao for so long on Saturday going to trim my hair
And maybe I shouldn't have slept for 12 hours on Saturday (but I was really sleepy)
And perhaps also not watch the sort of R-rated show (but the actor was kinda cute and it was engaging)
Since all those times would have been better spent doing up the slides for my Wednesday presentation
Which I have been procrastinating like shit to do
because I seriusly can't be bothered anymore
But can you guys pwetty please make me sick (ok maybe not sick sick later I cannot hiao)
Atleast please please let me lose my voice
Just on Wednesday is enuff
Or better still make everyone that might be attending the seminar to be sick
So that they won't come for my talk
I think that would be better than pitiful me getting sick!
Afterall I have been kinda good....seriusly!




Simple American said...

Dear Nicole,

Bone up. Your voice will be perfect Wednesday. The audience will be on time and prepared to parse your every word. Do not despair. They would eat you live present or not.

Yours Truly,

A kind and loving God

Simple American said...

I just had to.

Nicole Tan said...


simple american: is can always grant me my wish right?

Simple American said...

Have faith lah!

You are NICOLE!

I know you'll do well.