Tuesday, August 7

You Know Today Just Isn't Your Day

Note: Nope not sick yet...Still healthy..just a bit tired and cranky

........when you come into work in the morning and drop a whole box of ice on the corridor floor!!! damn freaking hell!!! Extra stuffs to clean!!! had to literally go down on my knees to wipe the corridor floor clean!! URGH!

........when you want to do work but you keep getting interrupted by your boss asking you to read something which seriusly could have waited till when I'm more free and when me not trying to rush my work!!!! (I don't want to miss coffee break can!)

........when you are trying to conserve your samples but screw it up because you can't think bloody straight and pipette things into the wrong tube and have to start all over again!!! (and this was after coffee break and I'm just not thinking!!!!)

........when the bloody stupid dumbass protein you are trying to make decided to play hide and seek with you...I had the protein before but I had to purify it..and after purification...the protein bloody hell dissapeared!!! WHERE IS MY FREAKING PROTEIN??!!! there goes one whole week of work....back to the old drawing board for me again!! DAMN!

........when you are suppose to meet with your boss to talk about your upcoming presentation slides..and he decides to talk about another project half the time...DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE BOUT THE OTHER PROJECT NOW??!!! TALK TO ME ON THURSDAY!!!! I'm stressed enuff

........when your boss finally decided to talk about your presentation slides and gave you some corrections to do..problem is the corrections should have been spotted long long ago before I bloody hell presented it before!!! that just shows you weren't paying attention to ME ME ME before!!!! yes I'm feeling neglected now!!!

I seriusly need a change somewhere...I'm feeling freaking depressed now!!!


Simple American said...

Cheer up Nic. Look in the mirror and smile at your happy self.

Look at it like this. You are getting all of the bad crap out of the way. So your presentation can only be 888. Right? I think so. :D

may said...

*steals sunflower from velverse*
*presents sunflower to nicole*

smile? 3 more days to weekend... hang on, chin up! ;-)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: thanks so much...glad is over now...wasn't that bad...and I drown my sorrows eating deep fried mars bar...yummy

may: thank you thank you..yeah can't wait for the weekend to come!!

Feffery said...

Yea most of the people in our lab are either stressed or depressed...
Says a lot about our boss.

Well I think he should reimburse us with deep fried mars bars or buy us some happy pills.

Nicole Tan said...

feffery: haha yeah problem is we are both stressed and depressed!! why do we get both??!!! I go for deep fried mars bar!! I WANT MORE!!!! happy pills? you got any in your drawer?