Wednesday, September 12

Bangkok Day 1: Finally Hiao Adventures Begin!!!

Note: I can't help it if I have "UNIQUE" taste in guys!! I don't go for the normal tall, dark & hairy guys...I got me own unique style!!! :P

dinner and drinks at banglamphu 1dinner and drinks at banglamphu 2

Backdated post to 20th June 2007

Finally we landed in Bangkok airport!!! So nice to know that we would be here for a few days doing nothing but eat & hiao!!! woo hoo...We decided to catch a cab to our accomodation ViengTai Hotel at Banglamphu....Why are we staying here?? Because cuz stayed there before with jimbo and said it was located at a very good area and the hotel itself wasn't too bad....And how true her words were....the location of the hotel I thought was superb.....just a road away from the Khao San Road (shopping area), lots of food and bars around & most importantly getting transportation here and there was quite simple..The area we are staying in according to the guide book is full of backpacker's accomodation so the area around us were quite packed with "foreigners" instead of locals....but it was all good...

After dumping our stuffs in the hotel, we went out again to satisfy our tummy with yummy lovely Thai food!!!! Since it was kinda late and we were seriusly too hungry to go walking everywhere for food, we went to this place super near the hotel....I wouldn't call it a restaurant but neither would I call it a stall...hmmmm I guess is a mixture of both...and since is our first meal in Bangkok, cuz and I obviously went for Seafood TomYum Soup (30 baht) first....then we got the fried garlic pepper shrimp (50 baht) and the fried crispy pork (40 baht)...SO CHEAP!!!! (100 baht = AUD 4 = RM 10)...Nicole definately in food heaven!!! and the food was so yummy too!!! definately worth the money!

After stuffing ourself with food, cuz and I went around the area and Khao San Road for what we call "primary lookout"....haha no buying anything..check the price first...see what is available.....and if need be come back and buy next time since we stay so near...after all we need to save as much as possible so we can shop as much as possible...haha that was our motto!! Unfortunately Khao San Road Market closed pretty that day at we ended up going to a nearby bar/stall near our hotel on Rambutrri Road called 100 Pipers....yes what better way to celebrate our first night than with alcohol?? haha I got the Pink Lady while cuz got kahlua milk all for a cheap price of 50 bahts cheap, alcohol cheap...what else can a girl like me ask for??? ok how about letting me get the high score on cuz mobile phone game?? yeah I admit I was playing with her mobile anytime possible just to get it..I think I finally manage to put my name..on like the 4th place!! cis...this cuz of mine play too much with her mobile men!!!!


Simple American said...

Cheap food.
Cheap drinks.
Now all you need is a cheap man. :P

Looks really cool there. Want to go check out Bang Kok someday. I have a blogger friend there so that will make it double fun. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: NO!!! i need a rich man to pay for my stuffs..cannot get cheap man!!! no no no!! bangkok was heaps fun!! you should go!!

may said...

waaa, all that food for less than AUD5?!! no wonder everyone flocks over to Thailand for holidays whenever they can! must plan for 2008... if I can get my visa renewed... jom!

Nicole Tan said...

may: no worries about the visa!!! and wooo holiday in thailand again?! anytime anytime!!!

SHantanu said...

OMG. So much eats and so many interesting drinks. :-D

Nicole Tan said...

shantanu: yeah and that was just the first day!! wait till you see what we ate for 2 weeks!