Sunday, September 16

Bangkok Day 2 Part 1: Phrasumen Fort & Santichaiprakarn Park/Pavillion

Note: Me waited for about 2 hours yesterday at the doctor just to get a jab that I might or might not need....but it was free!! For the first shot anyway....since I'm not "eligible" for the free 2nd and 3rd booster because I'll be over 26 by then....Why can't they make the cut off point 27??!!!!

phrasumen fort, santichaiprakarn park and pavillion

Backdated post to 21st June 2007

Firstly, I love buffet all you can eat breakfast!!!! dun care which country, what hotel and what food..I always love it!!! The Viengtai Hotel in Bangkok serves pretty good brekkie (although the coffee could be improved because I can never seem to wake up with it!)....and anywhere that has my "yar char kwai" always pass!!! haha and they make such cute small ones...:) and weirdly enuff they even have vegetables for brekkie....weird but good in a way since I'm a carnivore but I still care about my dear cuz velverse getting her vitamins!!!! She has been such a sweetie with me everytime we go eat is all meat meat and sweet right??

After charging up and filling ourself with food all I wanted to do is go back to bed!!!! But NO NICOLE we have to "tahan" Bangkok to "hiao maximus" not sleep maximus!!!! Cuz and I decided to complete the historical/cultural/tourist part of our holiday today...before our all out shopping spree the next few days!!! so we were all set....cameras, maps & most importantly long pants so we won't be banned from temples/palaces....For those of you who don't know, most of these historical/cultural/tourist area is located at Banglamphu where our hotel was situated....and everything was pretty close with one another so Banglamphu is quite a good place to have a walking tour...

One thing I learnt within 10 minutes of walking out of the hotel and to the tourist area......everyday is a "supposed" public holiday in claim the local kind hearted by-passer who looks so sympathetic at you trying to figure out the maps...but be warned IT IS ALL LIES!!!!! firstly they come up to you and ask you if you need help...then when you ask them to show you where is X, they will say "oh no today is public holiday and X is closed"..then they will start recomending you to go to Lucky Buddha, Black Buddha & god knows what other Buddhas!!! And ask you to take the "tuk tuk" to go to it and very cheap!! But is all lies!!! Luckily we have been forewarned about this scam before....cuz and I got approached so many times and talk about a waste of time talking with the end we just showed them our map (that has been mutilated by the previous conman) and said we've been to those mark your maps next time ppl!!!

Our first stop for the day was at Phrasumen Fort....This place is really at the heart of the "Old Bangkok" area and also one of the last remaining standing intact fort at the banks of Chao Phraya River..unfortunately is basically a picture taking thing rather than an exploring thing because it isn't open for people to go in and see....But you know me and cuz, we are happy with both!!!! Second and third stop was right next to it The Santichaiprakarn Park with an attached Pavillion. This place was just buit a few years back just to make it and the Phrasumen Fort a more "tourist" feel...a pretty small park but quite well mainted and it has a very nice view of the Chao Phraya River and the bridges...quite nice place for people interested in taking loads of pics!!!


Shantanu said...

I like the way your blog. All chirpy and cheerful! Also the way you caption the pics...very unique. :-)

Thailand is the only major Asian destination I haven't travelled to yet. When I am at Bangkok, I will try to remember your warning about the 'public holidays'.

You seem to having a whale of a time there. Enjoy!

may said...

I so jealous! love the photos!

what shot did you have ah? got cut-off point wan...

Nicole Tan said...

shantanu: thank you thank you...making me blush already!yeah be careful when you go to bangkok...will be posting more warnings soon...i hope..and yeah velverse and I had ze best time!

may: haha dun lah year we go together ok??? i had the cervical cancert vaccine shot...super pain!!! my arms are still sore!!!

Simple American said...

Buffet breakfast! I want! I want!

I gotta Bangkok. Man!