Saturday, September 22

Bangkok Day 2 Part 3: Gold Gold Gold

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wat phra kaew 1.2wat phra kaew 1.1

Backdated post to 21st June 2007 and continuation from Part 2

After resting at Sanam Luang Park, cuz and I then headed towards the entrance of Wat Phra Kaew and the Golden Palace...Both of this place is the #1 "tourist" place to go to...and it is HUGE!!!!! Even as we were going through the entrance, we were bugged by so many of those "cons" telling us that the place was WHAT THE?! I can see big big it is open and these ppl are still telling me is closed and to go visit the "Lucky Buddha, Black Buddha blablabla"..they are so persistent!!!!

When we got there, we were stopped by the guards telling cuz that she was not dressed approriately...WHAT?! here we are under the blazing hot sun wearing long pants because we know we have to and we are still not dressed approriately?! it came down to we are also not suppose to wear sleeveless shirt...ah well..but good news is that they provide FREE shirts for ppl to "cover up"...and even FREE sarongs for those with no long pants (seriusly if I have known that I wouldn't bother wearing my jeans...I rather wear the sarong!!! i was literally sweating so much by now I could have sworn I lost atleast 1 kg that day!)....anyways after getting cuz to "cover up" in a very sexy way, we then headed to get our tickets to enter the compound...the tickets came with a free entrance to our 5th stop The Pavillion of Regalia....unfortunately no cameras was allowed inside so no pics from there..the place is like a small little museum housing $$$ and lots of old clothes....from here too we learnt that the Emerald Buddha which we would be visiting in a while has a collection of seriusly nice clothes...he gets changed once every season!!! But the best part, IT HAS AIR COND!!! oooh cuz and I felt so relaxed after that!!!!!

But all good things need to come to an end...and we can't always be in an air cond place......we then headed out and into our 6th stop Wat Phra Kaew (Temple Of The Emerald Buddha)...the first thing we saw was ppl praying to Kuan Yim...and once we turn our head, the place was bling bling full on gold gold gold.....and lots of yaksha (giant guardian) everywhere...ahhh this place is so beautiful...I think this place was one place cuz and I took so many pics!!! I only put like the selected few pics too!!! infact I have to say the surroundings of this place and the wonderful architecture definately distracted us from the main reason why we are see the Emerald Buddha...which is not surprising because the Emerald Buddha is SO SO SMALL!!! and it is sitted so high up a tower and you can't take picture of it from inside...but we could see that it was wearing the "summer" cute!!!!


Shantanu said...

I remember being asked to cover our legs with sarongs (which they provided) even when entering temples in Bali. In India, you are usually required to take off shoes!

Simple American said...

So you did not take any bum pics of V in retaliation? kekekeke

Yours is nice. No need to be embarassed. Enough talking of that.

The temple is so beautiful!!! And is that gold!!! Wah!!!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Looks like you girls are having such a BLAST!!!

Nicole Tan said...

shantanu: yeah sarongs are provided...and we too had to take our shoes to enter the temples...and can't take pictures inside temple

simple american: haha take bum photos of vel? haha no lah..darn it slipped my mind! yeah full of gold around is cheap! haha

curiosity killer: we did have fun...and is just the 1st day of our loooonnnnnggg holiday!! haha