Wednesday, September 26

Bangkok Day 2 Part 4: More Gold, More Bling & More Walk

Note: I know I'm going taking so long to finish just ONE DAY in Bangkok!!! We did take a lot of picture in that one day..and I have been seriusly so busy lately...between work, drama and MY DAD coming to Sydney...looks like is going to be a neglected blog for awhile...
stop 7 golden palacestop 7 golden palace 2

Backdated post to 21st June 2007 and continuation from Part 3

After enjoying our scenic tour of Wat Phra Kaew, cuz and I continued walking around that area and to the adjacent Grand Palace....This place by the way is huge!!! and trust me by the time we reached here, cuz and I were already to starting to sweat like a pig!!! about good workout....unfortunately at this place, we can only take pics and not really enter the any of the halls or buildings although the royal family does not even live there now!!!! the only part open to public is the ground floor of one of the building hall where they converted the place into a weapons museum (so for those who like ancient swords, knives and guns...this would definately be your place)...for cuz and I who happen to be peace loving ppl...we were like walk in and out..haha nothing seem to strike our fancy here....we are more happy taking pics and posing outside!!!! And by the way nothing beats 3 hours of walking under the blazing hot sun taking photos than to sit down relax and hydrate ourself with coconut & mango drink...yes we needed to refuel a bit before another long walk to our next stop!!!!


Simple American said...

You are so cute drinking in that picture. Look like a little bitty girl. Ahhh! :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha thank you thank you...i was so hot and flushed!!! hehe