Thursday, September 27

Bangkok Day 2 Part 5: And The Bling Continues In The Form of A Huge Buddha

Note: Can't wait for the long weekend to come!!! Going to have a bit of R&R if I can....and catch up on my much needed sleep!!

wat pho 3wat pho2

Backdated post to 21st June 2007 and continuation from Part 4

After a much needed refuel of coconut and mango juice, cuz and I decided there was still time to squeeze in another temple visit before 5pm and decided to have another afternoon walk to our 8th stop which is Wat Pho...home of the "NOT BIGGEST" Buddha in the world but definately the biggest "reclining Buddha" in the world..and as expected, the bling did not stop since the very moment you step into the hall, all you can see is gold gold gold Buddha!!! so bling bling until so bright!!!!! unfortunately we had to squeeze and push around to take good pictures because there was a big bunch of tourist there too who kept on trying to take pictures and blocking cuz and my picture taking angle...not to mention spoiling any opportunity to pose!!! CIS!!!! The Buddha itself I have to say is very nice and the inscription on its leg was seriusly quite cool....definately attention to details!!!

After the Buddha, cuz and I then walk around the area because there was quite a lot of cute stuffs those cute statues of both animals and humans..haha I thought it was so cute!!! Don't you think so???

The biggest challenge after our visit to Wat Pho was to find our way back...the maps were just confusing and there was no proper signage..and we didn't dare ask anyone (hey is 5pm and we didn't want to be hassled by the cheap cheap sit tuk tuk or go lucky buddha or black buddha crap)...but we got smarter...we went to ask a traffic police directing the traffic!!! :) unfortunately his english was not veli good!!! ah well atleast we did manage to find our back to our hotel area...pheeewwwww...and we passed by loads of elephants!!! the last 2 pics shown are all statues found in the middle of the road...what is with them and elephant??!!!


Simple American said...

Malaysia have elephants? Curious.

What a beautiful place. I have to go visiting there. Fortunately, I know a blogger who can show me around, so I can by pass those con men. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: hmmm i think so..i remember I rode it once in the zoo!! hehe...yeah is a really nice places...the temples were beautiful.....make sure you bring a friend along!