Thursday, September 20

Bangkok Day 2 Part 2: Stop 4 Bird Watching at Sanam Luang (Royal Field)

Note: Been a pretty hectic week...every night come home so late and no time to play with short update today just to show me want to sleep!!! but me at work....shhhh maybe I go grab a quick nap after this

bird watching at sanamluang

Backdated post to 21st June 2007 and continuation from Part 1

After our first 3 stop, we both went towards The Grand Palace but because cuz and I are like super lazy ppl who hates exercising and the weather was like so hot (I'm refraining myself from swearing here), we decided to stop a bit at the park on the way called Sanam Luang and revitilise ourself with some water....we have been walking for a few hours ok!! and is hot!!! and Nicole seldom walk!!! ...but Nicole and velverse had to go somewhere that we won't be hassled by those "Today public holiday" conppl

Another tips for those of you who might be going to Bangkok, BEWARE OF THOSE BIRD LADIES! TOO!!! ooohhhh they were such a b**** cuz and I was sitting down at the park, and this lady just started throwing bird food at the floor near us and all the bird started coming towards us...and worse she pushed few packets of bird food on our hands and walked away!!! with all the dirty birds so close to me and cuz!! ARGHHH!!! so no choice had to throw the bird food at other side so the birds could leave us alone...and once you do that, that b**** of a woman then comes up to you and ask you for money!! CHEAP TO THE MAX!!!!!!!! so yes I admit I got ppl learn from this and next time just go beat up that woman...I was too hot and tired to do so...hai.....but atleast I just gave her some coins and she was off and leaving us alone to look at the birds and enjoy the scenery.....before our next stop..........


Simple American said...

Even the bird lady is a con? Gosh. Will make sure I toss any bags into the trash they give me.

I met those con men in Korea. This guy grab my hand and put a ring on my finger. Then he tried to get me to pay for this ugly ring. Then the damn thing did not want to come off. haha Thought he was going to chop my finger off. LOL!

Nicole Tan said...

Simple american: NO!! dun toss any bags into the bin..they sure come to you ask you for money...haha i think easiest is just leave it and hope she takes it back..I have to admit one thing I can't stand about bangkok was how many ppl around are trying to scam us!! wooo what happen with the ring after that?

Simple American said...

Eventually got it off. Wanted to slap him though.