Monday, September 3

KL Day 1 Part 3: Father's Day Celebration at TGIF and a whole lot of Camwhoring

Note: Nothing feels better then a super lazy Sunday!! I spent the whole day doing nothing!! absolutely nothing!! not even watching drama!! ahhhhh sleep debt has been well paid off


Backdated post to 17th June (continuation from part 1 and part 2)

So yeh after our "pitstop" we then headed straight for dinner...dinner was at T.G.I.F (Thank God Is Friday)....I used to love this place last time (along with Chilli's) because I'm a bloody cheap skate and I have this thing for "bottomless" drinks...yes you order one cup and refills are free....haha yes me cheap!!! (even though I know I will regret it once I get home and my eternal trip to the toilet)....oh anyways back to that day....we are celebrating Father's Day...well not me anyway since my dad is not there (but I did send him a few sms to with him Father's Day!!! and got scolded back for wasting money sending sms....)....since I couldn't really decide on what to eat, I decided to share with velverse....we got the entree "Friday's Three-For-All" which to me has like the best selection ever for indecisive ppl like me!!! It got the yummy potato skin, the OMG so cheeesy cheese stick and the buffalo wings...ze best!!! and the sauce that came with it was good too!!! velverse and I shared also the lamb chop....which was not too bad aunt and uncle went for the selection from Jack Daniel's Grill (one chicken and the other fish)...the sauce for it was superb and that was why 2 days later I ordered the burger with Jack Daniel sauce (when I went out with KC)....cousin Denise wasn't too hungry and went for the hearthy tomato soup which to me look so huge and thick that I'm surprised she could finish it!!! As you can see we were pretty full after the no dessert :( :( :(

velverse & Nicole

When we got back home, velverse and I decided to urmm "practise" our camera skills..afterall we do have a lot of toys snapping to do....I didn't put up the toy pictures...I'll let velverse do that...since it was her camera..haha ok cuz??


may said...

yerrrr, talk about TGIF... I now feel like having their mash potato! and their lamb. so the yumyum.

got celebrate Father's Day a second time? it was Father's Day in Oz yesterday oh... ;-)

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha yeah better quickly go before you come back sydney..or not no more TGIF!!! can tar pow for me also ah??!!! nope dad is in India so no need celebrate 2x! phewww

Simple American said...

I wanna go to TGIF. Have not been to the one here in the longest time. Love the ribs with the Jack Daniels sauce. *slurp*

I love the toys. So cute!!!!

Nicole Tan said...

SA: yeah TGIF is so good...prob is they don't have it here!! and jack daniel sauce?? woo yumm!! and cute toys??!! haha faster go bug velverse put up the toys pictures!!!