Wednesday, September 5

KL Day 2 Part 1: Food Food and Stress

Note: Going down Melbourne tomorrow for a conference (4 whole days with nerds!)....might try to sneak in a post if I can since I'll be bringing "old precious" along...hopefully I can have time to montage pictures and catch up with my posts(although I think I will be camwhoring loads!...will be back on Sunday!!!

nicole's day

Backdated post to 18th June 2007

This has got to be one of the most stressful day I had when I got back to KL....Is the first weekday I'm back...and yes that means errands errands errands!!!! arghhhhh and since I have limited time in KL I had to make full use of woke up super early to send velverse to work so I can borrow her car..then drove all the way to Subang to get "old precious" fixed....after that rush all the way back because was suppose to meet another one of my relatives for lunch (my mum's sister which I HAD to meet!!! so much chores!)...anyways velverse parents were nice enuff to tag along for lunch and help me with my errands..THANKS SO MUCH!!!! and of course velverse mum was so nice when I got back before lunch she had some brekkie ready for me since she knew I was rushing in the morning and was super hungry (bak chang here I come!)...which needless to say I couldn't eat much lunch after that..hehe

Lunch was somewhere just at Setapak....just a little off Jalan Setapak (sorry can't remember which road...but trust me not worth the trip)...The name of the place is Peter Kari Kepala Ikan (Peter's Fish Head Curry) while the "matured" ppl was catching was just snapping about and looking around....we obviously got the "supposed" famous curry fish head (which was alright to me..nothing great..the sauce was just average truthfully speaking....but I love the fried tofu puffs!), veggies (well I have healthy relatives ok!!!!), meat balls (which by the way was quite good...and they even roll up mince meat inside...juicy!! but I think they should give better dipping sauce!) & fish tofu (same sweet sour dipping sauce like the meat balls)...overall I thought the food was just average (or even below average)....or maybe it was because of the bak chang I had before and nothing could beat that taste..:)

After lunch, drove to JPJ and that was when all hell broke loose...remember my complain letter I drafted out and sent??? anyways they did give a reply woo hoo that annoying b**** got what she deserve...and pheew she is no longer in customer service....since she was pretty bad....make my day bad only I tell you!!!!!

So after settling my driver's license, went to visit another of my relative who happened to be back from pictures for that know my relatives aren't the very photogenic type....but it was good to see them again since the last time I saw them was a year back...then it was time for velverse parents to go home....and they nicely sent me to Denise house since I was meeting up Denise and Jason for dinner...and we did stop by at a stall to get some "apam balik" that smelt so nice...mmmmm yes nice destressing I did do a lot in one day hor??!!! hopefully can put up the pics of Denise and Jason Denise stop complaining ok!! Will get to it soon!!!


Simple American said...

A trip with nerds eh. I've done that. See one everytime I look in the mirror too.

Wahlau. You are so busy in KL. YOu're zooming everywhere.

may said...

damn, now I wanna eat apam balik! didn't have any so far. crunch crunch crunch! must find some in pasar malam!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: but but here is with professors and dr!!! haha and yeah was that busy in KL...totally lack of sleep

may: haha quick faster eat apam balik before you come!!!