Monday, September 10

KL Day 2 Part 2: Simply White Fashion Cafe with Denise and Jason

Note: Back in Sydney and civilisation!!!! 4 days in the country is just too much for me...I am after all a city and concrete girl..lots of pictures...but you got to wait for a long time....Nicole's hiao holiday pics is top priority

simply white fashion cafe

Backdated post to 18th June and continuation from Part 1

Finally time to relax after super hectic day...and my first time visiting Denise and Jason's house!!! woo hoo...a few weeks before I went back, I was sent a picture of Jason and a supposed leng chai...and all I remember of that picture was that super nice comfy couch behind them.....and the first thing I did when I got to their house?? JUMP ON THE SUPER NICE COMFY COUCH!!! hahaha...oh and then I had the tour around the house...then I jumped back on the super nice comfy couch...until Jason whom I gave the name best "cousin bf" forced all of us to move it for dinner....

With Jason, you would never need to worry about where to get dinner.....why? because he loves to eat so much and he would already think of where to bring you before hand!!! so this time he drove all the way to Kuchai Lama to this place called Simply White Fashion Cafe...such a weird name right??? the place was actually to me very nicely decorated..and there are dresses hanging about which you can buy..although to me sounds a bit weird to buy clothes from a cafe...dun you think so?!?! Anyways the good thing about having Jason around is I just left all the ordering to him..and Denise of course...hehe...all I worried about was the drink..:) I got the mango juice...while Denise got the strawberry juice..Jason got himself a sky juice in a tiger beer glass (sky juice=water)...for food, we got the specialty crispy duck with crepes (tasted like peking duck but minus the fat!! so 2 thumbs up for that), chicken wing with rice (not too bad too since they deep fried the chicken with some herbs which tasted quite good), pasta bolognaise (to me this tasted very bland....not nice at all..that was why I let Jason had most of it!) & the kimchi noodles (basically chicken with kimchi and egg noodles...quite nice too but not spicy enuff in my eyes) summary, the food was qutie ok lah..infact better than average (the duck saves it all)....ambience was really good but I don't think this shop will be open the next time I go back since we were practically the only customers there!!!! Sorry Denise but I had to tell the truth!!!


Simple American said...

Oh my God. Denise had a full "no doubt in the world" smile photo. Did she pay you to post that one Nicole? keke Y'all are both so cute (especially when smiling).

Now lets go eat Korean!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: i forced her to smile!! haha but that was a good one right??trust me she got better...most of her HK pics have her smiling!

may said...

LOL @ small print! Melbourne too quiet for you, eh? I think I like it better here too. not that I enjoy the noise, but it's just... nicer... ;-)

Nicole Tan said...

may: I was at a countryside called Daylesford...I was surrounded by trees and no civilisation for 4 days!!! I need more noise!! I can hear myself think there!! bad bad bad