Tuesday, September 11

Leaving On A Jet Plane To Bangkok

Note: Seeing I'm not the only "pat" person around..I shall now answer WHO IS PETER question...Peter WAS this hot cute guy from IMU....Peter USED to wear glasses, cute, fair, cute, dimples, cute, sings well and did I mention cute??? Nicole USED to have a crush on him until he decided to trade his glasses for contact lens...Nicole NO MORE have crush on Peter..ANCIENT HISTORY


Backdated post to 20th June 2007

Finally the day where velverse and I get to go on our Bangkok trip...After being neglected by cuz for 3 days (she was too busy working..until after midnight some more!), I finally have cuz all to myself for the remainder of the holidays!! woo hoo 2 and half week of cuz alone!! yes cuz bonding time!!!!

Since both of us are cheapos, we decided to make use of the Air Asia bus from KL Sentral..haha cheap cheap RM9 one way....it was pretty efficient men...about an hour to the airport...and it was so comfy too!!! Reached the airport too early until the counter also haven't open yet...so cuz and I decided to sit at Coffee Bean and chill out with the ice caramel latte and a tiramisu cake since we were quite hungry....and needless to say we still needed to practise our camera skills....so yes lots of snapping...

After checking in, we then headed straight to the custom...and that was when I was told to put my lip gloss into a see through bag...to me I was like What The?!!! is just a bloody lip gloss ok!!! How can that be a terrorist threat?! like what you expect me to do with it??!! Kiss someone with my lip gloss on and kill them with Nicole's kiss of death???!!!!! Seriusly too much dy!!!! While waiting for the flight, cuz and I decided to camwhore a bit with her huge sunnies...cool right??? I think I should get myself one too now.....

And then came the time to board the plane, and that is when Nicole had her encounter with a bunch of "China" ppl...seriusly those ppl should learn manners!!! because Air Asia has no seatings, they were like scrambling and trying to cut line so that they can get into the plane first and sit in front..kiasu to the max!!!!


Simple American said...

Were they pushing? Wish I could have been there. I turn to a stone when people try to push me! *growl* One of my pet peeves.

So they took your lip gloss. Why dun you explain that as a scientist you can take many mundane kitchen products and kill too! What a feeling? I hate that I have to take off my shoes, my belt and empty my pockets at the airport. I don't think I fit the terrorist profile nor do you.

At least Coffee Bean sounds nice.

And the flight is only 9RM. Do they have flights to America and how much!?!?!?

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah they were pushing...I scolded one of them..haha...no they just forced me to put my lipgloss in a transparent bag!!! arghh..the flight was actually free..the bus from KL itself to airport was RM9...cuz and I manage to get promotion offer...haha..and no they don't have flight to america..they have loads to china..haha

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