Saturday, September 8

Short Update from Melbourne

Note: The internet connection here in the conference sucks...I think is because all the "geeks" and "nerds" are working too hard online!

Finally the internet connection seems a little bit stable for me to put up a post from Melbourne....not a long one because it is kinda late and I need sleep..I'm superly sleep deprived, full of dead brain cells (using too much of it during the day when I have to sit in for talks....and at night with the seemingly unlimited alcohol!!! I'm telling you scientists are all drunkards!), stomach is 24 hours bloated (the amount of food here is shocking!!! and to think we are suppose to be a bunch of "cardiovascular" scientists...just goes to prove we never practise what we preach!) and my leg muscles are confused like hell (sitting on my butt whole time never use leg..then suddenly today had enuff exercise walking to last me a month!) Ahhh I'm so going to be half dead by the time I get back to Sydney.....How wonderful!!!


Simple American said...

Sounds like a great time. Gonna see some pictures I hope. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: there is one picture of it in the side bar under recent picture...the rest of it?? after holiday pic after holiday pics!! haha