Monday, October 22

Bangkok Day 3 Part 2: Walk Walk At Siam Square

Note: Congrats to my lovely cousin Denise & Jason for their happy happy "paper signing" day!!!! psst psst where is my angpow?

siam square

Backdated post to 22nd June 2007 and continuation from Part 1

After our eventful trip to Wat Saket, we then took a cab over to Bangkok most "happening" spot....SIAM SQUARE...yes you can't say you went to Bangkok if you don't come here!!! this place is really quite nice..there is a really cute courtyard with lots of pepsi advertisements there like you just went into a "pepsi world"...after touring the place a bit, taking pics of the cute stuffs we see (I'm still quite fascinated by the Hard Rock Cafe Tuk Tuk motorbike) and visiting the shops (and not buying anything), cuz and I decided to visit the one place we've been planning to visit for ages...the The Style By Toyota Cafe...

toyota style cafe 2toyota style cafe 1toyota style cafe 3

Needless to say, velverse and Nicole felt right at home at the The Style By Toyota Cafe with the countless amounts of camwhoring...This place as you can see is very a very "Toyota" place....I have to admit I'm not a fan of Toyota in the F1 (I'm more a McLaren fan) but that doesn't really stop me from coming here to look see....The very moment cuz and I stepped in, we were like we don't want to go out!!!! I really wish Sydney now can have a place like this...I'll be going there so often to "hangout"!!!!

The aim of this place is to provide a place to increase creativity among the young a lot of people coming to this place is pretty young...mainly uni students...yes we manage to get some shots of the pretty sexy uni students (back view only...since you guys seriusly shouldn't be drooling over girls on this blog!)...It is a pretty huge place and have about 3 floors....the ground floor is where the bar counter is to order drinks...both cuz and I got the smoothie (for 60 baht cheap).....the ground floor also holds the drive stimulator (cute but I didn't get to play) and it also holds a replica of the F1 Toyota car...but the best part of the place is one floor up which is where the lounge is...and my goodness the design there is so damn nice!!! so comfy with those cute little cushions, chairs and tables....luckily there wasn't many ppl there giving us the chance to camwhore and take loads of pictures....nice!!!! there are even nice books for people to read and laze about (cuz was super fascinated by the book on how to be a designer without losing your soul)....even the toilet design was so nice...ahhhh me so envy Thai ppl now!!!!!! they even had computers to play (unfortunately we have to pay for internet access) but cuz and I were more than happy to play with the programs they provided...well atleast there was something to let my cousin test her "designing power"...nice right???!


may said...

nice toilet design? got take picture anot? I wanna see how fancy it is!

Simple American said...

*wipes drool*

Whose drooling over here?!?!?!

Looks like a cool place. Can an old goat like me go too?

Nicole Tan said...

may: of course got take pic!! hehe but didn't think it was approriate to put here ma

simple american: of course you can really quite nice...