Tuesday, October 30

Bangkok Day 3 Part 3: Thailand Big Shopping Complex & Non-Stop Eating

Note: I need a holiday!

siam paragon 1siam paragon 2

Backdated post to 22nd June 2007 and continuation from Part 3

After spending some nice cooling time at the Toyota place, cuz and I then continued walking around Siam Square for a short more while before deciding it is too hot and we need more air conditioned place!!!! and the best place to go for that would be Siam Paragon....super big shopping complex.....and quite nice too.....first thing we did there? EAT!!! haven't had lunch and we hungry hungry....and when you put Nicole and velverse together, we would go for the junk food giant..McDonalds!!!! yes I'm in love with McD!!! everywhere I go I have to try the McD (even in Korea)....McD is so different everywhere in the world!!! and in Thailand they have the pork burgers...yumm....cuz and I went for the samurai pork burger meal....damn nice burger I tell you...and cuz went extra to get the corn pie (since no where else have it)....you can never go wrong in McD!!!!

And the best way to finish a nice yummy McD meal is to have dessert in the first place we see...iberry homemade icecreams....super yummy icecream...after trialing out the various flavours, I took the cuppaccino flavoured one while cuz took the cookies and cream flavoured icecream....sitting down in the nice cute place that resembles a garden inside....very sweet!!!

After dessert, cuz and I decided that we will go watch a movie (we watched Fantastic 4)...yes we've heard good things about Thai cinemas...big comfy chairs....and how right it was!!! can I just say the cinema we went to was big, the chairs were so comfy and wide!!! and the backrest is low and slightly rocky so is like you are lying down while watching movie..ze best!!!! although cuz and I were totally amazed before the movie started we had to stand up to hear the national anthem of Thailand...totally bizzarre!!!! so patriotic!!!

By the time the movie ended, it was pretty late so cuz and I just walked around...browsing...didn't buy much from Paragon..until we walked the other shopping complex nearby (Siam Centre) and we found this place called Loft...that was when our window shopping became real shopping..haha so many cutie things here...got many of the gifts for people here...after shopping here and being the last ppl around (they closed the shop when we are still inside paying), we then headed outwards and went to MBK centre (big shopping complex but nothing much suits us in here) to get a cab back to our hotel to dump things and to meet up with Gigi!!!


Simple American said...

You make McDees sound so wonderful. lol You are so lucky too. When I was in Korea there was no McDonalds restaurants yet.

Nicole Tan said...

haha I love McD!!! they are ze best!!! yummmm

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Corn pie!!! ever since I went to Haiyat a few years back, I've been miss the corn pie from Mac for ages!!! Argh... should have asked u to bring some back to oz for me too!!! but then, I wouldn't want you to be featured in 'Borders Security'. LOL

Nicole Tan said...

kev: haha wooo featured on Borders Security? yeah you would see me wolfing down the pie instead of making a scene....and no I don't want a video of me stuffing my mouth up on national tv..hehe