Tuesday, October 16

Lionel's Housewarming With Yummy Jellies

Note: Oops forgot to announce who won the Win A Freebie question...and the prize goes to my lovely cousin Denise for getting it right..so Denise email me your address so I can send you your prize...Due to popular demands/hassles, I've decided to jumble up my post a bit and divide it into 2 parts....first would be holiday pictures that I will put up atleast 50% of the time and the other would be after holiday pictures which I will put up the other 50%..so no more complains ok???

lionel housewarming 1lionel housewarming 2

Backdated post to 13th July

One of the very first event that occured after I came back from my holidays was Lionel's housewarming...supposedly they were waiting for me to come back for it (I wonder how true is that...hmmm)..but anyways it was a really great get-together....I think this is one of the first few get-together we have...and it was fun fun fun...mainly everyone that came was from the lab (ok the happening ppl from the lab) plus Pauline (Lionel's part time housemate) and Simon (Mary's hubbie)..and they were such great fun too!!

All of us decided to give Lionel some plants and herbs for his housewarming party...since he likes cooking and fresh stuffs...Lionel's house is actually really so so nice!!! Makes me want to just steal his housekeys and conquer his house and make it mine!!! I have to say Lionel really knows how to decorate his house so well..and it is so bloody neat, tidy and clean!!!! and did I mention he cooks well too?? He made the Quiche Lorraine, Tarte Tatin (upside down apple tart) and Tarte Aux Pommes (French Apple Pie)...and it was all so yummy!!!

But the most interesting thing he made was the vodka jellies...ok maybe is not new to anyone but seriusly I've never seen it before..basically it was just a concoction of vodka, syrup and jelly...and nicely put into syringes (hmm I wonder where all those syringes came from???? hehe)...but it was really so good..next time me going to try it...once I get my hands on those syringes...

Fun fun night with so many pictures..my lab people have finally got the Nicole's Asian Syndrome..me so happy!!!! woo hoo


Simple American said...

Nicole's Asian Syndrome??? I think I would not mind catching that. How many days do I get off work?

Sounds like a fun time. Those pictures tell the whole story. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: Nicole's Asian Syndrome? everyday is a holiday..haha...just take lots of pictures, have dangling stuffs on phone...do cute poses....haha..it was a very fun time!

ingky said...