Tuesday, October 9

My Birthday!!! Ps thanks everyone for the wishes!!

Note: Depressingly on my birthday I got my first ever speeding ticket...I'm currently $79 and 3 demerit points down for driving 15km/h over the speed limit..and is all because of Joyce and Ricky!!!!

bday compilation

This is not a backdated post!! hehe...just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, the parties, the cakes, the presents, the midnight calls (seriusly that was so not nesessary but I still love you guys for it), the massive loads of sms-es (until my finger is sore from smsing so much today!), the messages on in my email and on Facebook and of course all the birthday hugs and kisses....ME FEEL LOVED TODAY!!! but is going to be all gone by tomorrow...*sob sob*

But just a short update on the celebration of me getting old so far....birthday night out with the gals (+ extra 2 guys)...it was a totally fun night out although that night has stamped itself into my Top 5 most intoxicated moment (this is what happens when 6 ppl finish up a bottle of tequila, vodka, black label and J├Ągermeister)...can see Heidi was getting a bit high..she was kissing me and "touching" me!!!! super nice birthday dinner with the family + a kiss from a total stranger (whom by the way asked whether he could kiss me in front of my parents!!! too bad he ain't so cute!)...and thanks to all my labbies for the cake (especially Ning who thought of it and Jeff who went and get it) and the kisses too..I LIKE!!! :)


may said...

oh, so THAT's the guy! LOLOL! oh well, at least you got kissed lah, ya?

HAPPY MERRY BIRTHDAY once again, Nicole! hip hip hip... HOORAY!

case_in_point said...

haha..."i dun even know this guy"...hilarious

Happy B'day!

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha yeah I got kissed alright...not complaining...just wish he was a bit more cute...haha thanks for the wishes...

case_in_point: haha thanks so much!!

Simple American said...


I wanna join the fun too. lol

Happy birthday Nicole!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha thank you thank you!!!