Thursday, October 4

Nicole's Update

Note: Me "good" friend ingky decided to resusitate his neglected click here to visit it....don't bother visiting it again though if he doesn't put a nice post about me!!! :)

I just realised lately I haven't been updating my blog as much....well I've been busy!!!! SERIUSLY!!!!

1) My Daddy Is Here From AhnNeNe land: that seriusly means more work, more entertaining, more going out and less time to do my blog.....and trust me it all DOES ADDS UP!!!! He is leaving next week so woo hoo more time for me, me and me..(supposedly)

2) Super busy at work: Ok I don't feel like I'm doing as much work as last time but don't know why my times seem to fly faster...and I am trying to write up my thesis slowly here and there...and also trying to finish up all experiments needed for the stupid manuscript revision (notice I say stupid because I'm so OVER this dreaded paper...and I just wish I can see the last of it ASAP before I go nuts) I seriusly also need to start reviving my neglected other 2 projects!!!! I really want to graduate ASAP

3) Busy hiao-ing: Ok so maybe if this part is decreased I would a bit more time...but hey you wouldn't want me stop my socialising right???? :D and since i've been wanting to try out the add video section on the blogger account, I thought I'll just add this short video Lionel took of me wearing my lipgloss (by the way is the same dreaded lip gloss that the malaysian custom insist I put in that horrible terrorist threat bag!)

4) I took too much photos with velverse during our holidays: yes looking back at my holiday takes time to compile them!!!! haha seriusly velverse and I took so much pictures that it takes me hours just to compile them into one post!!! not that I'm complaining..since there are so many hiao pics..hehe right cuz?


may said...

you've been super busy, I've been super lazy... hahaha!

*waves to Nicole's dad* Hello, Uncle!!

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha i would love to exhange roles here!!! so tired!!!!