Wednesday, October 10


Note: I was in this poster competition thing in uni today...didn't win any prize money this time I really need help now!!!

Ok ok probably I'm wasting my time thinking how to "GET MYSELF OUT OF MY SPEEDING TICKET" too much...but seriusly would you want to waste 79 bucks and get points deducted off my perfect driving record so far without putting up a fight????

Real Scenario: It was 10.30pm at night and I'm sleepy after having just got back from Melbourne after 4 days of "geek convention"...but I was forced against my will to go pick up my beloved sister and Ricky from the airport (whom also came back from Melbourne but choose such late flights that I had to come out again for them!)...I was already late and I was speeding to catch the green light..(bloody hell though because it was only 75km/h....cis)...and there you have it..that was how I got my speeding ticket.....but I can't possibly say that in my appeal letter right?

Appeal Scenario:

1) I was speeding to catch the green light because there was a bunch of big meanie looking guys there and I was scared if I'm stopped at the red light, I might get robbed/raped/assaulted (I think this is the best so far)

2) I was trying to avoid a cat/dog/monkey/kangaroo on the road and I sped up (although instict would be to hit the brake and not the accelerator)

3) I thought the road limit was 70km/h

4) I had to fetch someone to the airport and that person was very very very late!

You think any of these would work? or can someone please quickly help me!!! please please please!!!


Denise said...

Tell them that you have a very sick person in the hospital that is dying... so you lost your sense that you speed to get there ASAP before it is too late... but i really dunno if they will ask you for any prove that such person exist... Good luck!

ingky said...

Do the whole "I have a preggo in my car and I needed to rush her to the hospital since her baby's head is showing already"

case_in_point said...

well i don't know what excuse would work, but if it makes u feel better, i was once caught red-handed and got a $200 fine.

i'm voting for the more believable "thought it was 70km/h" approach...

Simple American said...

It is late at night and you were afraid to stop as you are a lone female.

Try the one.

Nicole Tan said...

denise: hai i think that one might need proof

ingky: I need proof on that too!

case_in_point: haha caught red handed? ah well that cannot get away with....hmmm you think the 70km/h is more belivable? can't htink!

simple american: yeah yeah I think I should try that too...make me look helpless and innocent..:)

Shantanu said...

LOL! I only hope the cop isn't a fan of this blog too :-)

Nicole Tan said...

shantanu: haha shouldn't be..they are busy catching innocent ppl like me on the road..haha