Monday, October 29

The Simpsons Movie Day Out With Joyce, Ricky & Jonathan

Note: On Friday I left from work for a short trip to Hunter Valley and on Sunday when I reached back to Sydney the first place I went to is work (to check on my cells).....Seriusly that was one of the worst way ever to end a great holiday!! Never never again..

movie day out

Backdated Post to 28th July 2007

First picture taken with sis after I came back from my holidays I think if I'm not mistaken..been so hectic since I came back from holidays and had not much time to go out here and there.....but it was good to go out on a "family" (well minus my mum since she doesn't enjoy going out for movies) movie dayout....and especially to watch The Simpsons (which we've been all dying to watch)...for my short comment on it click here and scroll down to the relevant part..and of course before the movie while we are lining up to go in, we had to camwhore a bit....and what better things to pose with than the simpsons family giant replicas...:D and since Joyce was so jealous of me taking photos with Jon so lovingly she demanded to have nice pictures with Jonathan....(with the other jealous sister putting a big thums down in one of them)...ah we are such a Happy Family!!!

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