Monday, October 8

Win A Freebie: Watches Galore

Note: In 24 hours my dad would be on a flight out of Sydney and I can play play play!!!

with the familyDSC08742

When my dad came to Sydney for a holiday, the main attraction he bought this time was a bag full of watches...ok maybe not so full but watches for everyone in the family (anything could be better than his last gift of earrings which was so huge that it can't even pierce through my ear hole!! not to mention it was so old fashion!) yes everyone got a watch..even Ricky!!! he was so happy!!! hehe

So since we were nicely parading our watch yesterday, I've decided to put the picture in the Win A Freebie column....and the question is obviously "Who Got What Watch?"...the terms and conditions are as follows:

1) Only answer in the TALK TO ME section would be entertained (and not in the cbox and definately not my EMail!!!)
2) The first one to correctly answer the question wins (before due date)
3) NO DOUBLE DIPPING!!! only one entry per person!!!!!!
4) Winner HAVE TO GIVE ME THEIR ADDRESS so I can send the gift

So yeah that is about the terms and conditions..however for this particular question, it goes without saying Joyce, Ricky & Jonathan is prohibited from joining(sorry guys next round ok?) parents are also not allowed...but then again they might/or might not know about this blog so ah well......

Entry submission closes on 13th October 2007 (Saturday) at 2359 Australian Time!


velverse said...

1. Nic's Mum
2. Johnathan
3. Nic's Dad
4. Joyce
5. Nicole
6. Ricky

ingky said...

1. Nic's mum
2. Nic's dad
3. Johnathan
4. Ricky
5. Joyce
6. Nicole

Denise said...

1. Nic's Mum
2. Jonathan
3. Ricky
4. Nicole
5. Joyce
6. Nic's Dad

thuan said...

1. Mummy
2. Daddy
3. Johno
4. Nicko
5. Joey
6. Rick

I hope the freeby is food or voucher for food!1!11!

J said...

1. Joyce
2. Nic's Dad
3. Jonathan
4. Nicole
5. Nic's Mum
6. Ricky

may said...

ermmm... I'm so bad at guessing. lol! so I hope someone "up there" wins ;-) good luck to your contestants!

Simple American said...

I'm too tired to try. *snores*

Nicole Tan said...

and the winner is Denise.pass me your address!!!