Sunday, November 4

Bangkok Day 3 Part 4: Hitting The Banglamphu Street Food Stalls

Note: Be forewarned that this post might stimulate some gastric juice

banglamphu street food stalls

Backdated post to 22nd June 2007 and continuation from Part 3

One big big thing we forgot during our Bangkok trip would be FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURE WITH GIGI!!! arghhh...yes give ourselves a big slap on our can forget to take picture with Gigi the good friend of velverse?? Maybe is because we just met up a short while for drinks and was too busy talking...ah time must remember!!! sorry Gigi!!! Anyways we met up with Gigi and her bunch of friends who were also in Bangkok for a drink on Khao San Road...yes that was who cuz have been messaging the whole day!!! I think cuz message Gigi more in Bangkok than in KL in one day...:) talk about missing each other so much....

After having a short catch up with Gigi, cuz and I then went to put down our not so light stuffs in the hotel before hitting the street food stalls near our hotel....yes all we brought was money and camera and stomach...nothing else...not even map....and we just walked and walked...and once we saw something yummy we ordered and eat!!! I think it was pretty funny looking at us since we were standing at the side of the road, taking pic of our food, taking pic of ourselves, eating, hitting another stall and the process continues on...but it was so good!!! unfortunately the sausages weren't that great here...but the meat kebabs were so yummy and juicy!!! and the pad thai smelt so good from far to resist....definately the best way to finish up our eating non stop day....and what better way to finish it then to go back to the hotel and Zzzzzz....heaven!!


curiositykiller said...

Ooooooooooooooh!! Great looking street food! Mmmmmmmm.

Simple American said...

It sounds so cool. How you two visited those food stalls. Kind of like the eating Olympics. I wanna compete too.

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: i know street food is ze best!

simple american: haha eating olympics? sheesh why no one else thought of that before??? arghhh I want to compete too!! scrambling to get first spot!

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