Tuesday, November 6

Bangkok Day 4 Part 1: "Largest In The World" Chatuchak Market

Note: Major depressive state due to work....Anyone wants to entertain me?

chatuchak market

Backdated post to 23rd June 2007

Ah finally the day in Bangkok we can finally say goodbye to window shopping (sort of) and go all out major shopping!!! yes for days I've heard from cuz everything so expensive wait until we go chatuchak...and the day has finally come...we have devoted one whole day in our itenary for chatuchak...:)

And can I say this place is humoungous!!!!!!! the pamphlet said there is more than 20,000 stalls here...OMG!!!! and the map of the place is even more shocking!!! there are free maps available at the information kiosk there so please go get it first!!! YOU WILL NEED IT!!! it is kinda stuffy at this place too...so once a while trust me go out and take a huge breath of air....:D unless of course you got some portable air conditioning following you around!!

Cuz and I got most of our shopping done here...souvenirs, shirts, cutie things...ahhhh I love this place...cheap and so much choices!!!! ahhhh nicole in shopping heaven!!!..cuz and I stopped only for a drink (seriusly being stuck in such stuffy place was half killing us)...and we found this cute stall with fresh fruit juice....and there was a place to sit and relax our aching legs!!!! oh and of course we stopped when we saw and smelt the nice yummy SAUSAGES!!! unfortunately this sausages still can't beat the yummy chiangmai sausages from suanlom market...darn..

The only bad part of the day was when it started raining...that was when cuz and I then decided to stop by at this stall selling noodles to catch our first proper meal for the day (at 4pm!)...haha yes we were a little too caught up in the shopping...we got the ice coffee which to me tasted quite weird but in a very good sense...just not like the coffee we usually drink I guess...but it was nice and sweet so I like!!! we got the beef and beefball noodle soup...and it was SO GOOD!!! ah I wish I can eat that now...so hungry!!!


Curiosity.Killer said...

with all that food, and shopping, and food, and food.

You don't sound all that depressed to me, girl. ;)

Simple American said...

I keep on eating too. Why? I'm so fat already. Phbt!!!

The shopping sounds good. 20,000 stalls is incredible. How many do you think you passed?

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: haha I am i am...and is worse that i'm not getting the food

simple american: haha you are not fat!! out of so many shops I think we passed urmmm 100? haha i kinda got lost!!