Sunday, November 11

Bangkok Day 4 Part 2: Let's Eat

Note: Dear Lab God, I willingly don't mind diarrhoea for a week if you let all my experiments for the next 4 months to work....Amen

sawasdee house

Backdated post to 23rd June 2007 and continuation from Part 1

The worst part of going shopping in the markets would not only be having heaps of heavy stuffs to carry after that by yourself but also to have heavy pouring of rain when you are carrying so many stuffs and running to the train station....I felt like I was walking in water with my shoes filled with water!!!!

But all is good after leaving the things in the hotel and going for a nice proper meal....reason why is proper is because we were actually sitted down and had people serving us..haha..we decided to eat at this place called Sawasdee House...this place was jam packed with so many foreigners especially is good, cheap and the ambience is just perfect!!! I got the set meal of chicken curry with cashew nuts & potato AND fried glass noodle with chicken and egg....velverse decided to go for fried pork with kaffir lime leaves & Fried Fish With Garlic and Black Pepper....and truthfully speaking Thai Food to us taste so good we can never find anything wrong with it....

After dinner we walked around for a while before deciding that we are drop dead tired and want sleep!!! and sleep was definately what we did since the next day we both couldn't wake up from our nice slumber!!!!


Simple American said...

A good sleep is nice after such a day. My holidays always require an early rise. Early being any time before 8, usually 7. Hmpf!!! What kinda holiday is that? :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I KNOW!!! HOLIDAYS ARE NEVER A HOLIDAYS!!! i wake up earlier on my holidays compared to normal days and sleep later too!