Monday, November 19

Bangkok Day 5 Part 1: The Third Place

Note: I think starting from today onwards I'm going to be kissing my social life goodbye and farewell (except to those previously made appointments) *sob sob*

the third place bangkok

Backdated post to 24th June 2007

This is the day this year which I can say I had the best sleep eva the whole month...I could hear cuz alarm ringing...then she sleepily saying let's just continue to sleep...and I was like OK!!! and we slept and slept and slept until 11am...:) yes that was so nice...I think both of us were just so exhausted from the previous few days!

Our agenda for the day wasn't too pack..infact not packed at all...we decided to visit the Sukhumvit area and to one specific place called The Third Place Bangkok..yes another one of the place my cuz been planning to go to for a is basically a club catering for people who wants to relax and work at the same time and the atmosphere is just perfect...I really wish this sort of places existed in would sure make me work more!!! this place is actually for members only but one day passes can actually be obtained for just 100 baht (which included a free drink) so it was not too bad...and the best part for cuz and I was that this included also free unlimited internet use!!! haha so yes on that day I managed to catch up on my goss on MSN, replied my emails and even blog...see worth it right???

I think just looking at the pictures you would understand why cuz and I manage to spend so many hours here right??? and I just love the toilet doors so much....."let's gossip" and "you're looking good"...haha cute!!!!

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