Tuesday, November 20

Bangkok Day 5 Part 2: The Last Meal

Note: I'm currently addicted to listening to the OST for The Sound Of Music...dun ask!

bangkok chinatown seafoodkhao san

Backdated post to 24th June 2007

After our oh so relaxing moment at The Third Place, cuz and I continued walking around for a while before deciding to go Siam Square and walk around the shopping complex there...but since we couldn't get anything we decided to just go have dinner at ChinaTown in Bangkok..we were informed earlier on that there is nice seafood there...mmm seafood....and cheap seafood...all the better....finding the place wasn't all too bad...we knew the road!!! the problem was just looking for it....but it was nice to walk around the neon light infested area....muahahaha so if you guys want to come here ask to be dropped at "Thanon Phadung Dao"...there are 2 big places here to eat seafood...and since both of them was said to be equally good we decided to just take the T & K Seafood..why? because they have the bigger stove outside cooking seafood..haha

When we got our seat we just went for it...all seafood...curry crab, BBQ king prawns, stir-fry mussels and fried rice....to me the prawns as plain as it looks was really so juicy!! big fat and came with some sauces I have no idea was what...then the stir fry mussels was just so yummy..had a very strong thai smell which made it all the more yummy...the curry crab was just excellent!!! i love crabs...and curried???? made me just want to drink the sauce...yummmmm..the fried rice was a bit plain..but that was because we just needed to digest along with the seafood..hehe

After dinner, we then headed back to the hotel and Khao San Road...in less than 12 hours we would be leaving...so last minute shopping (just a few shirts) and paying a visit to this stall I've been craving for a while...they cook the nicest smelling banana pancake..and they top it with chocalate and milk..you tell me how not to try it before I leave??!!!!

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