Thursday, November 1

Big Big Birthday Wish To My Darling Joyce

Note: Nicole in desperate need of sleep...

happy birthday

No matter how busy I am and not to mention the big amount of backdated post I have, everything can be postpone just because is November 1....yes is the time of the year again when Princess Joyce age increase by one year....and now she is 24 years old...1 more year before she hits quarter of a century...:) but yet thankfully I look younger than Happy Birthday Joyce...if you want your present come home and get it....and this is also part of the present so I don't need to go buy a card for you yar...:) (your present already cost me an arm and a leg!)


Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Joyce. Such a pretty girl too.

Your sister has the same birthday as my niece. She is also pretty and so dang smart. Still remember those blown kisses she used to give me when she wore diapers.

So what did you get your sis?

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I got her a bottle of perfume from Giorgio Armani....and as instructed by princess "I want the biggest bottle"....see what me so broke now?