Sunday, November 18

Mamak In Sydney

Note: Hai unfortunately not pajamas Sunday this week....and the next week too...why is it when I want to stay home and chill I can't but when I want to go out I end up not going?! urgh


Backdated post to 9th November

Not too backdated post..but thought I'll put this post up since I've been wanting to go to this place Mamak ever since it opened its door few months back...but because I'm Nicole and I'm super lazy to line up I've been waiting for the hype to die down before I go....bad news though the hype is still there and there are people lining up outside even before the shop official opening time at 6pm!!!! good news was I was there early so we managed to get a spot pretty easily...phewww because if Nicole has to wait I sure would get cranky!!!!

For those of you who don't know what mamak is...go check the wiki on in!! but to cut that long description short, Mamak (in Malaysia that is) is a super cheap place to have a drink/meal with your friends and chat/catch up until the cows come home....most Mamak stalls are open 24 hours.. :) and as you can see I so miss my "mamak times" back home that I have to resort to some imitation of it here in Sydney

Mamak in Sydney is located on Goulbourn Street (between the corner of Chinatown main walk and Goulbourn Street) is truthfully quite small and DOES NOT RESEMBLE the mamak in Malaysia whatsoever...but then not as if I was expecting it to...foodwise I have to say is just so so...I rather call it the "prettified" version of Mamak food...when we went there there was no satays served on that day...arghhh we went there for it too!!! ah well I guess next time....the mee goreng ($8.50) was absolutely not authentic (infact I thought it tasted kinda sweet), nasi lemak ($6.50) is quite authentic with the nice smell of coconut rice and authentic sambal but a bloody rip off since it was just the plain nasi lemak...we had to add an extra ayam goreng/friend chicken ($3 for one or $10 for 4) just to make the nasi lemak look more complete...the ayam goreng was not too bad....I wouldn't mind getting 4 of it for my dinner next time...mmmm....oh then comes the mose important part of night..The Roti' you can't go to Mamak and not eat the rotis!!! basically I think the rotis served are the only saving grace for this it is made fresh and it does taste pretty authentic (the chicken curry and fish curry served with it were very authentic)....and hey they even have the right authentic metal plate for it!!!! We got the Roti Tisu ($7) and the Roti Telur Bawang ($6.50)..unfortunately unlike mamak back in Malaysia, our rotis were the last to arrive and I mean took so long for them to make it!!!!!! For drinks unfortunately I forgot to take picture but they do have the authentic drinks of teh tarik, kopi, limau ais, teh-o and cham (all for $3 per glass)

So that is my super long review of Mamak...would I there again? maybe just for the rotis if I'm desperate and homesick or if I want to tell ppl what does it taste like in Malaysia...but other than that...just looking at the price of the food I think most of my Malaysian friends would be starting to faint!!


may said...

you beat me to it for a Mamak review! LOL! yeah, the mee goreng wasn't too good. and the maggi goren was sooooo wet, dunno what they put in it! but their roti canais and all, I'm so glad they make it fresh. almost like the real mamak's mamak. OMG, these days it's so packed during lunch time, gotta queue till outside summore. siao!

Nicole Tan said...

may: I thought I should put it up to warn ppl before they go!! haha oops...yeah atleast the roti canais were ok....the others were really quite so so (catering for gwailos ma) and yeah lunch time also so pack...i wonder why..hmmmm