Wednesday, November 14


Note: Diarrhoea with no shit coming out is not diarrhoea!!!!!

No picture post again...but me been super busy....most of my experiments are in the failure stage (like onl 10% success for the past 2 weeks)....seriusly making me feel so bored and annoyed!!!!! I want to finish this damn PHD!!!!!

Hope can put a proper post up by going to be "I'm not getting out of the house no matter what" on Sunday...I MEAN IT!!!!


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Do let me know when is ur final PhD seminar/talk! Must go listen and learn yah? LOL

Nicole Tan said...

final PHD seminar?? haha i have this feeling I won't have any...I've been giving talks twice a year since my first year...even I'm bored of giving talks!! but you should tell me when is yours and I'll come for yours