Tuesday, December 18

Astrid & Paul's BBQ Party

Note: Past week has been filled up with Xmas parties!!! By the time Xmas really comes, the only thing I would be doing is sleeping and catching up my sleep debt!!!!!

astrid house party

Backdated post to 16th September

This was a rather impromptu sort of party I have to say....not very close with 3/4 of the people in there although we work on the same floor for a few years..infact I have to admit this was the first inter-lab party we ever had (or the ones I'm actually invited too)...is time to get to know people more!!! and get to know more people I did..although I have to admit I forgot some of their names already (trust me i forgot the name even during the party!)

Anyways this BBQ party was held by Astrid and her bf Paul...that was pretty nice of them...and the thing we were really looking forward to was to see their humoungous dog...and my goodness one look at in and one pet at it, I've decided to stay far far away from it!!!! it is SO HUGE!!! and the first thing it did when I pet it??? drooled all over my bag!!!! arghhh...ok I like dogs but i definately don't like it when it starts drooling on me!!! no no no....but I have to say the dog is pretty cute!!!

BBQ was good...Maca made this really yummy snack which I forgot what it is called...but it is her creation and is bloody addictive....is actually a mixture of pretzel, nuts and white chocalate....sweet & salty...god knows how many kilos I piled on from sitting in front of it and nibbling it every second!!!! going to try make this one of these days when I get around to it....must go ask her for the recipe....

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