Thursday, December 27

Hong Kong Day 1: Victoria Peak and "Meet The Hubbies"

Note: This post is a summary from 3 cameras, 352 pictures and 2 days to blog!! Make sure you see my hubby and velverse hubby picture!!!!!!! less words more pics this time!!

victoria peak dayvictoria peak nighttram ride up victoria peak

Backdated post to 29th June '07 and continuation from Part 1

Finally we arrived at the foot of Victoria Peak, a famous landmark of Hong Kong...we took the historical tram up the the peak, we went straight to the top of Peak Tower for some picture taking of the beautiful view of Hong Kong...the view from here is just magnificent..all the high rise buildings and the ocean....we actually came to this place twice...we came back a few hours later again to get the night shot of it...all the lights and the views...ahhhh if only I can be like some of the resident nearby, own a big big mansion and see this view everyday...

hubbiesasian celebritywestern celebritysporting herohistorical figures

After our daylight picture taking at the top of Peak Tower, we went downstairs to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum..I have to say it is rather quite expensive to go in here but is definately worth it for velverse and I since we want to go see the wax figure of our hubbies...ahhhh my Leo and velverse's Andy....we definately came out of this place happy happy!!!! This place mainly consist of a lot of famous Asian superstars (which was why we were more than happy to be here....they also had loads of historical figures (which I admit i can't remember who is who), sporting heroes and western superstars..and obviously all these are not as many as the Madame Tussauds in London (which seriusly have heaps more but definately not many asian superstars)...but atleast the important ones are here right?? and as can be seen from the pictures, velverse and I were the crazy ones..haha I think we practically took pictures with 80% of the figurines there...we are after all the "hiao" ones....:)

victoria peak galleria

After spending a few hours camwhoring at Madame Tussauds, we decided to walk around the Peak Tower and the adjacent Peak Galleria...we ended up taking a break at Delifrance...we had some croissant, apple tea and ice lemon tea..yeah all those walking and camwhoring sure made us hungry!!!!! The weather was seriusly getting from bad to was cloudy at first then hazy and then it started raining!!! arghh....velverse and I were like totally unprepared and had no jacket!! we ended up sharing Denise's scarf to keep us warm....thank god Denise scarf was big!!!! Luckily the weather started getting better and enable us to go back up the Peak Tower to get the night shots of HK...ahhhhhh Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!!


Denise said...

First day already so colourful... wonder what is on day two... and I miss the cold night at the peak... when can I go again? Anyone want to join me?

Nicole Tan said...

Denise: I know wait till you see teh disneyland one!!! killer!