Thursday, December 20

I spent 2 days doing nothing but eat!

Note: 2nd last day of work before the long Xmas break...I'm already feeling like a slacker!!!!

nippon yataimura

Backdated post to 26th and 27th June 2007

Seriusly after cuz and I came back from Bangkok, the only thing we seem to be doing was eat, sleep, eat, shop, eat, movies & eat!! I'm pretty sure it was during these 2 days that I've put on the most weight!!!!! We started of with a japanese lunch at Nippon Yataimura @ 1Utama after what I can describe as the bestest sleep for a while...woke up late...just laze about...cuz got the Pork Mayo Bento Set which was absolutely filling.....I got the Chashu Ramen because I love and miss noodles...and we got the Unagi Roll to share....the unagi roll was yum but to me the chashu ramen was just so so...they overcooked the noodles!!! :(

italiannies Part 1italiannies Part 2

After lunch, we then went for a round of shopping...1Utama is always ze best on weekdays with no humans in sight!! for dinner we met up with Denise who came after work and decided to go to Italiannies...I was informed that the tiramisu here was absolutely yum....Here at Italiannies they give bread with vinegar and olive oil for appetizer (if you go there just act stupid and they would teach you how to eat bread with the oil and vinegar)..Denise and I got the Grape Shake (this to me was really quite good..seldom see places with grape shake)....Denise got her gigantic plate Angel Hair Pomodoro while I got the Seafood Risotto (hey I just had noodles for lunch obviously dinner must be different)...velverse got a minestrone soup and a huge plate of Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce...and needless to say we got the Tiramisu to share for dessert? it is seriusly absolutely yum..if only there was more alcohol I would have given it all thumbs up!

real mamak

And food hopping would not be right if we never go to Mamak for supper right?? but this one was the day after Nippon Yataimura and Italiannies..we were too busy shopping before so no pictures the entire day!! (unless you want to count in the part Nicole spent god knows how many hours bargaining for her new laptop) you can see we were very hungry from shopping and bargaining that velverse and I got the Malaysian Ramly special double cheese burger..I'm still scratching my head as to why it is called double if the burger comes with 4 burger patties all wrapped with egg and shouldn't it be quad burger?? but ah well who cares...Ramly Burger is always so yummy (there are times when I actually prefer it to McD's and I'm a huge fan of McD!)..Denise got the Nasi Goreng and we all got some fries because the burger was taking so long...and all is nicely washed down with teh tarik...yes Nicole is happy once again....


Denise said...

I like the pic of us with the hand up... bring me back to our happy and laughter moments in the restaurant that day... missing your company already... faster come back~~~~ but we seriously have to reduce the quantity of the food... look at my spare tyres everytime you go back to sydney *sob sob*

Nicole Tan said...

denise: yeah I damn like that pic too..don't we always have fun everywhere we go??? missing me? i know i know...will come back soon lah..your wedding time I sure come back...but must we reduce the food??? hehe