Wednesday, December 19

The Khachigian Lab "Annual Review"

Note: Not a full post about the lab Xmas party..just the funny ones for entertainment!! Annual Review = Xmas Party
khachigian lab

Shockingly this is not a too backdated post...since stupid Jeff already blog about it yesterday...he is seriusly making me feel like a blog posting slacker!!! urghhh

Anyways thought I'll put the funny and fun moments of the lab's Xmas party...since we have videos!! woo hoo...anyways this Xmas party was extra fun since we drew names out of a hat for the Kris Kringle and another name for Xmas blurb.....rules for both of them?? well no more than $20 for the kris kringle....and no rules whatsoever for the blurb (infact we were encouraged to write something funny and it doesn't even need to be true!)..that was like the passport to just be naughty!!! below is an example of an outrageous one about me from Lionel...(ps not all of them is true!!esp number 2!)

But then again I guess it can't beat the outrageous one someone wrote for Jeff as depicted in the video...even the woman had problems reading it and had to control her here to read the full version....I wonder who would have wrote such "gay" things..*hint hint* this person is "supposedly" sexually frustrated and loves Lionel

Ah well we all had fun..I got my boss for the Kris Kringle and gave him the photo frame with everyones pic..nice leh??? It has been a great and fun year!!! Click below for a sweet slide show Jeff made of the past 1 year...Thanks Jeff!


Denise said...

Mr. French surely know about my cuzzy... Totally agree about the 10 facts of Nicole... So please give her a helping hand... *wink* As for Jeff, BEWARE of your ass... never know who will going after them... *double wink*

Nicole Tan said...

haha where got those 10 facts are true?! so untrue some of them!!! haha what is there for Jeff to be careful coming post I'll show you the "ass"

denise said...

I must agree that you guys and gals down there have broke the chain of what people say about lab is for geeks... and I suddenly feel that my office is filled with geeks... cause we only work work and work and we forget to have fun at the same time... how sad and boring~~~ :(