Monday, December 24

My Favourite Part of Xmas

Note: Merry Xmas to everyone just incase I have no time to blog tmr!!! hiao maximus

for cousinsfor velverse

Woo hoo Xmas is just tmr...can't wait!! infact I'm going to start going in celebration mood in 30 minutes time!! woo hoo...xmas eve party at Kaka's house....Xmas lunch at Mary's house tmr...and family Xmas dinner tmr....suddenly me feeling tired...did my last minute shopping just now too...NEVER NEVER AGAIN on XMAS EVE....

But just pictures of presents I got for my 2 most beloved cousins...haha too bad you guys would now have to wait till saturday when Nicole's Santa Mummy go back to distribute...:) so you guys can be in suspense for a while..since velverse dear made me suspense for 1 week waiting for her "love package" to you know how many sleepless nights I went through??!!!! And all the stuffs inside was so cute!! I damn like!!! thanks cuzzie dear!!!! Was looking back at some old HK picture and saw this one of cuz and I playing...sorry Denise you are not in never play with us!!!!! But don't worry I still love you!!xoxoxoxo


Curiosity Killer said...

Merry Christmas, Yo! LOL Have yourself a good holiday!

may said...

haha, those mugshots are so cool! got give thumbprint also anot?

Happy Christmas!!

case_in_point said...

Merry X'mas!

sounds like you already have an awesome time lined up!

hope you get a lot more wonderful pressies!

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: Merry Xmas to you too!!!

May: yeah love those mugshots...always wanted to take thumbprint though..hehe

case_in_point: haha more like tiring time...i'm so lack of sleep now...nice pressies..hope you did too!