Sunday, December 9

Nicole "Malaysia-nising" Day

Note: Finally sent off one manuscript to a Nicole is much much less stress now...went for a massage on Saturday, repaid a bit of my sleep debt and had a great BBQ today...just super chilling out......going to make this a relaxing one hope I can catch up on a bit of blogging...*fingers crossed*


Backdated post to 3rd September 2007

A few weeks after "Asia-nising" Estella and Lionel,
and since we were thinking of where to unwind after a "hard day" at work, Estella, Jeff and I decided to go have Malaysian food fod dinner..ok maybe is my influence...hehe but I'm loyal ok!!!! and I was hungry and Sinma is nearby!!!

So since I'm the "local", I did all the ordering...obviously I had to go get the most popular dishes and those fail-proof dishes...we started off with the teh tarik ais (too diluted for my liking though...rather have it with more condensed milk..mmm)...ais kacang (tasted just like the ones we get back home...but they are kinda skimpy on the "barang" inside).....we also got a dozen of beef and chicken satay (definately not authentic but much better than a lot of places claiming to sell satay), roti canai with curry chicken (I liked this the least), nasi lemak (very very authentic!!!) and my favourite char tau kueh......hmmm so let me see did I miss any "authentic" Malaysian food that I should have ordered?????

But seriusly I have not eaten so many different Malaysian food in one day...that was so full the end of it I felt my tummy was just plain mixed up like rojak....obviously Estella and I had trouble finishing the food.....luckily we had Jeff to "garbage down" all the food...:)


case_in_point said...

Hi Nicole,

where is Sinma?

and what's the best malaysian restaurant, in your opinion?

i've got a craving for ice kachang :-)

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: Sinma is located in Kingsford right at the corner of the huge roundabout (just force Jeff to bring you!) malaysian restaurant??? for ice kacang maybe go try the one at glebe..Is on Harris Street near UTS and is called far to me their ice kacang is yum..and go try their cendol too!!