Monday, December 3

Nicole's "Asian" Night Out

Note: Wow one week since my last post!!! Shocking!!! but have been so busy lately..lack of sleep..weekend work....not much time to hiao...not much time for ds....Nicole is NOT HAPPY!!!!

sydney madang

Backdated post to 11th August 2007

Pictures were taken from my phone so sorry for the super bad was a day when Ning, Lionel, Estella and me were feeling kinda bored and decided to go out for dinner...and since I'm such an Asian...and also super pro-Korean...we went to go have korean for dinner..and what better place to start than what I think is ze best korean in Sydney - Sydney Madang....Didn't really order those weird weird dish because I wasn't too sure about their appetite so I stick to the most simplest and got the assorted meat BBQ platter and the dukbolgi (pork and squid cooked in spicy sauce)....and just to complete the night of course I got the shoju...(well we can't be korean if we don't drink that right?)....I think it was the first for Estella and Lionel to taste korean food...and they never complained so I presume they enjoyed it...(if they didn't....then too bad..)

And luckily we got the shoju too by the way because by the end of dinner we got kinda bored and decided to do a more asian thing...KARAOKE!!! and Lionel kept on going on about how the shoju made him sing...:) THANK GOD FOR ALCOHOL!!! but it was all good...we had heaps of fun!!!


Simple American said...

Shoju! Wow I have not had any since I left Korea back in 81. Wow!

The missus wanted some Korean this weekend but we ended up at Chinese buffet instead. Maybe this weekend. :)

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Sydney Madang? Where is that? I was looking thru the net to see which korean restaurant to bring my gf.. and the sites actually suggested Haemil (scoring ~9 outta 10) at Circular Quay. Been there?

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: so did you end up going to have korean on the weekend??? shoju is yum!!!

kev's walkabout: I haven't went to that Haemil yet...but sydney madang shoud be quite good is after all in little korea..:)