Tuesday, December 11

Nicole's Kitchen: Mango Pudding

Note: I can't believe this! I forgot to camwhore with my mango pudding!!! *hitting myself on the forehead*Luckily found a pic with Jeff and mary eating it..phewww

mango pudding

Did I ever tell you how in love i am with mango pudding?? especially when is loaded with evaporated milk...unfortunately I always have to wait till summer time in Australia to make this...or not the mangoes would be so expensive....I got a whole box of mangoes from Paddy's Market (only after 4pm) for just 6 bucks!!! 16 mangoes all together!!! now that is a bargain!!!

Ingredients Needed:
Mangoes: 4 super ripe mangoes (3 and half to be blended and the other half cut into cubes)
Gelatine: 2 small packets (supposedly 1 packet is enough to solidify 500ml)
Sugar: 1/4 cup sugar (if you buy super ripe mangoes trust me that is sufficient!)
Evaporated Milk: 1 cup (250ml) just for mixing....leave some to put on top of pudding later on
Water: 1 cup (boiling to disoolve gelatine)
Ice cubes: 4 huge ones

1) Blend the 3 and half mangoes until you get 750ml of yummy mango puree..cube the rest of the mangoes and put all into a large mixing bowl

2) Add evaporated milk and sugar into the mixture..

3) To prepare the gelatine, put the powder into a bowl and pour hot water into it and whisk it well to dissolve

4) Add the dissolve gelatine into the mixing bowl with mangoes and milk...put the icecubes in and mix until the ice cubes dissolves

5) Pour into whatever you wish...and put it into the fridge to solidify (around 3 hours)..Serve with loads and loads of evaporated milk on top..

*This recipe should be enough to make about 6 full cups*


kyh said...

hmmm yum yum! fedex to me pweeeese! :P

case_in_point said...

god that is cheap

i can only get 3 mangoes for that price in chatswood ;p

looks like u r a very talented chef!

Nicole Tan said...

kyh: fedex ah?? later rotten la!!! you come sydney and get lah!

case_in_point: go to the markets and get it...cheap cheap!! and thanks!!!