Monday, December 10

No Steak At Rampai SteakHouse

Note: I wonder whose birthday is it tmr???? hmmmmmm

rampai steak house

Backdated post to 25th June 2007

The day we came back from Bangkok, even from the pic is obvious Mandy and I were drop dead tired...we waited for Denise to come back from work before forcing her to bring us for dinner...(yes that included thinking because my brain was definately not functioning)

I forgot where this place was located (did I mention about my non-functioning brain?) and anyways it was kinda dark and me was still in stoning mood..but anyways the name of the place is called Rampai SteakHouse...I am however still wondering how the name came about because I didn't realise they served steaks there...I think is more seafood then you not think so??? unless of course I was stoning that badly on that day and didn't realise what was around me??? and seriusly if it was not for the pictures (and the last minute message to Denise few hours back today to describe again the food we ate), I would have totally no recollection of this meal (remember the non-functioning brain)

Anyways Denise ordered (and reminded me), we got the specialty salted egg crab (which was fantastic..first time I ate crab like that...super keng combination), fish belly seafood pot (I have to say this was not really my cup of tea...I think I'm not a fish belly person afterall), salted vege tofu soup (the tofu and the soup was really yum....dunno about the vege inside though..hehe go ask Mandy!) and the claypot eggplant (this was so ordered for me after I told my cousins that I do eat egg plants...but I have to say I think I just like the eggplant when it is cooked 2 ways: deep fried or with fried egg...)..but the crab!!! ohhhh so yum!!! super finger licking good!!! makes me want to have it again now...

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