Saturday, December 22

Three Countries In One Day: Kuala Lumpur to Macau to Hong Kong

Note: Woo hoo a long break doing absolutely nothing!! Time to catch up on blog posting!!

macau to HKhk causeway bayFu Kee

Backdated post to 29th June 2007

Woo hoo finally can start on my Hong Kong/Macau trip post...been looking forward to this trip so much....first "faraway" trip I'm going with my relatives without my parents...yes this trip is with velverse and her whole family members: her parents and Denise....

nanxiang mantou dian

The trip for me actually begin in KL the day before..velverse and I went to The Curve for lunch at NanXiang ManTou was a newly opened restaurant so we decided to try it...the garlic cucumber came as an entree straight to your table (and we get charged RM1 straight away!)...we then ordered the Shrimp Ball With Crab Roe (this was ze best out of the rest to crunchy outside yet so wet and moist inside..yum), Fried Glutinous Rice With Pork (this was ok too..but I think they put too much white pepper until all I could taste was the pepper), NanXiang Pork Rib (this was the 2nd best of the rest...fried pork and dipped into salty/pepperish powder dip...quite yum) and the Crab Roe Steam Dumpling (a huge bamboo container for 4 small dumpling)...truthfully speaking the dumplings here do deserve a pass because they are pretty yum and very juicy inside...However the pricing here would be a little steep for some people..the total price for this lunch for both velverse and I was like RM85.10 (around AUD30..which in my eye is expensive for Msia price!)...after lunch we were looking high and low for a money changer to get some HK dollars...arghh the stress!!!! so much things to do..we still need to go home pack and fetch Denise from work!!!

After fetching Denise from work we straight went to Port Dickson (around 1 and a half hour from KL) since saiku and kucheong house is closer to the airport...the trip back to PD was just bad!! got stuck in a traffic jam and not to mention desperately in need to pee!! we reached PD close to 9pm...had a quick dinner before going back to sleep since our flight was at 6am the next day!!!! after just a few hours sleep was forced to wake up to go to the airport...*yawn* Nicole is definately not awake!!! everything is so blurry to me!!! All I remember was me boarding the flight to Macau and straight to sleep again!!!! Until i got awaken by the annoying "CHINA" woman sitting behind me...all deserved to be cursed!! NO ONE WAKES NICOLE UP FROM HER SLUMBER!!!!!!! (not even food can wake me up!)

When we got to Macau, we didn't do any sight seeing at all..we just went straight to the pier to get a ferry to Hong Kong..time is precious...faster go to HK and we get to hiao!! muahahaha...truthfully speaking I was still a little sleepy so in the ferry I was sleeping was a horrible ferry ride actually because the weather was quite bad and the sea was extremely choppy...I could hear people throwing up around...and I was like "THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS NICOLE THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS"..(because I'm the type of person if I hear ppl throwing up I tend to throw up as well!!!)..Luckily I reached HK without any dramas..*phew*

Our hotel was located right at Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣..perfect location for food and shopping...after quickly dropping our luggages, we just went straight around for food...So hungry!!!! decided to go to this place called Fu Kee right outside Times Square...velverse and I got the mixed BBQ rice (pork and duck/goose) while her parents got the pork ball noodle soup...I actually forgot what Denise got...(SORRY!)...kucheong got the almond milk (first time actually I heard of it...but taste quite good) while I got my normal Coffee Tea Milk...(look I'm currently obsessed with it!)

After lunch we had a walk around before catching a cab to our next destination.......*hint hint* to meet my hubbie....;P


may said...

RM85.10 for 2 people?! o.O

ok lah, if convert to AUD... as long as your tummy is full and satisfied!

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha well let's just say cuz and I are not very small eaters..:)