Friday, January 4

The 1,2,8 Winning Trifecta!

Note: Is 1am and I have to be at the airport at 6am to fetch a friend who is visiting me from Perth..Is going to be a long long week....Might be slacking on post again...But this is specially for Yo who just complained about me being too backdated...:)

boxing day race 1boxing day race 2

Backdated post to 26th December 07

A day after Xmas and I'm suppose to be joining my sister for some shopping..but decided to go first to Royal Randwick for the boxing day races with Lio and Jeff since it is free and Nicole likes free stuffs!!! It is actually free for people with an international passport (so lucky for Lio and I but not too lucky for Jeff)...Jeff and I however were the good ones and decided to get dressed up a bit...Lio was suppose to be dressed up too...but he didn't!!!! see now no nice hiao pics of all 3 of us!!! The race course was seriusly quite packed...some of them dressed up while some of them I guess just didn't bother since the most important thing to them was to win $$$....

This is the 2nd time I'm coming to the race course actually..the first time I was actually too chicken to bet...and totally regretted no matter what this time I told myself I will bet....but then it was so confusing!!!!! which horse should I bet for? how should I bet for it? how much should I put in? should I put all bets on one horse? or should I choose the trifecta? arghhh!!!!! too many decision to make!!! but finally decided to play the trifecta and put my bet on the 3 horses I think would come in top 3....Jeff and I decided to put on horse number 1,2 and 8 while Lionel decided to do the impossible and put on 3,6 & 7.....I also put a bet on some individual horses which has the lowest chance to win (who knows a miracle could happen and I could be rich rich rich?!) all fingers crossed

Once the race started, I swear to God my heart started to drop..I was like OMG OMG OMG...COME ON 1,2 & 8!!!!! it was only at the last few seconds that finally all three of my horses won...woo hoo!!! I actually won!!! yeh!!! Jeff & I then went happily to collect our money while Lionel look at us collecting...:) is ok Lionel!! I'll treat you for coffee once me back from holiday ok???

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