Saturday, January 12

Bernice Birthday Bash

Note: 2 more days before my long holiday is over....darn darn darn

achima bday

Backdated post to 4th January 2008

The day that Jacob came to Sydney for a holiday for a week..and the first place I dragged him to was Bernice's birthday.....since it is her birthday and no way me not going for it...after all she is my "achima" :)

The birthday bash was at Rengaya, North is one of the nicer japanese BBQ place around Sydney...and they do provide parking for those of you driving....dinner was quite on the steep side with each of us forking out about $50 but it was so worth it!!! We ordered the BBQ with heaps of meat, got some sashimi, yukke (raw beef with egg), beef tataki (another raw beef that tasted so good) and the sushi rice with heaps of raw fish and egg (so good)..most of us got the grape calpis with vodka for drink while crazy Heidi got this super sour drink with loads of mint leaves (have no idea what is the name of it but it was so sour!)....Achima as you can see was happy to receive her her the Swarovski crystal bracelet she's been wanting for so long...:) Hope you like it achima!!!

After dinner, most of us went to karaoke for a good singing time...and this time NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED!!! yes after the last few parties we had, we decided we shall remain sober and sane...and my what difference it made...we actually sang!!! muahaha


Bernice said...

thks babe for the wonderful burfday bash and the bracelet!! :) i like it heaps! muack!

Nicole Tan said...

bernice: glad you like your birthday bash and the bracelet achima!!! better wear it more..muaks!!!