Tuesday, January 15

The Egg Hatched!

Note: yeh Joyce and Ricky has left for HK..and now I'm really all by meself in Sydney!!! FREEDOM TO MAX!!!


Remember the $5 I spent on the egg that is supposed to hatch? It actually did hatch!!!! To be exact 14 hours after I poured water in it....and what did I get??? a not so cute looking parrot....although to me it looked more like a chicken...but ah well....I guess there goes my hope on a cute guy coming out of this hatched egg....*wishful thinking*

Now this supposed parrot/chicken is sitting in my living room with a ruler next to it...yesterday it just outgrew the bowl it was in (around 14.5cm now)...just transferred it to a bigger bowl....want to see how big it would grow....I'm hoping to get it to grow up to 50cm...you think is possible???? or is it just another wishful thinking?

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