Monday, January 28

Family Dinner @ Oriental Friendship

Note: My mum and bro has came back from all history.........:(

dinner at oriental friendship

Backdated post to 29th September 2007

This was when my dad came to visit the whole family....and we decided to bring him to eat one of his favourite food in thing my dad loves about Sydney is the roasted unhealthy and oily as it is, my dad always insist on eating it....hai.....

So we went to Oriental Friendship Restaurant at Beverly Hills (and no the postcode of this place is not 90210)...we got the roasted pigeon (we did come here for it), lobster with noodles (I always like this the bestt!), scallops (anything expensive is good), claypot tofu (just so so), salted egg veggie (my sister's new love) and hainan chicken (seriusly not good..the chicken was so tough and so not soft!) about over ordering because I was so stuffed by the end of dinner.....and this place is one of the few chinese restaurant I go to that actually give free fruits and "tong sui" afterwards...*burp*

During dinner, my sister was busily complaining about the lack of photos Jonathan takes with her....especially since Jonathan and I took so many photos that just for Joyce's you go....the only picture of you and Jonathan that day..muahaha..admit it Jonathan loves me more!!!! :P

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